Saturday, March 31, 2012

How I Love Thee, March 2012

March 2012.  You have been the nicest March I can remember.

You came in like a lamb.  You're going out like a lamb.

You brought us rain.  You brought us warmth.  You brought us wind, but not in excess.  Your windiest day brought us a turkey.  You truly brought us spring.

Most years, you tease us.  Spring, winter, spring, winter, winter, spring with wind, windy days, windy nights and more wind.  Often, there is snow or severe  thunderstorms as if you can't make up your mind.  You let me work in the garden one day only to cover it with snow and drive me back inside the next day.

Not this year.  This year, you have given us the best weather and the garden is happy for it.

Tulips are blooming.

The lilacs are a full month ahead of schedule.
[Yes, that is a police car in the street.  A police officer lives next door.]

The lilacs smells better this year than I ever remember too.  The scent fills the garden as your soft March winds carry the fragrance making me smile as I pull hen bit from every bed.
[OK.  We have to talk about why the hen bit is so prolific this March.]

The grape hyacinths are looking amazing.
Oh, more tulips. Yellow ones.

The red bud has been just lovely this March.

These red tulips are taller than ever with no snow to knock them down and no wind to blow the petals away.

The shrubs like this red twig dogwood are getting pretty green leaves.  So relived as last summer they looked kind of crispy.

These red tulips are experiencing their first March in the garden.  Will they expect this every year?

The creeping phlox is covered in blooms setting off the iron edging.
[It looks good even if my photo is tilted.]

March 2012.  You've been the best.  Come back again anytime!


  1. Really magnificent photos today. I would love to smell those sweet lilacs! Spring has been delightful here, also. So nice to enjoy the colorful blossoms without a late freeze turning them brown!

  2. I have enjoyed this beautiful and warm spring we have been having this year. So many people have some beautiful blooms ahead of schedule. Your tulips are so pretty. Beaufiful post.Your creeping phlox is pretty.

  3. Awesome post!!!! Yes--March has been so good to us. I cannot remember a nicer March either!!!!

    Love your little Grape Hyacinths.. We have some --and they are so neat. Ours were given to us by George's Daddy several years ago.

    Your Tulips are gorgeous... Ours are still pretty--but going fast.. We now have an Iris blooming --so that is next for us.

    Your Phlox is pretty too. WE have some hot pink Phlox.. I will have a picture of that on my Monday's blog.

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. It has been a very mild winter, and spring is early, and before we know it will be HOT as blazes again ! garden looks great!

  5. We're having a beautiful spring down here in southcentral Kansas, too. The lilacs are tremendous this year - best blooms and most fragrant breezes since we moved in January 2007. Love your red and red & white tulips!

  6. Your garden is absolutely beautiful!
    Until our recent storm, I was so enjoying March.
    I also love your favorite gardening sayings in your sidebar.
    Thank you for visiting my blog,

    White Spray Paint

  7. NO DOUBT!!! Do the colors look so vibrant because of the beautiful weather. .or do they look SOOOO good because of the crisping that we endured last summer!! Whatever the reason. .we'll take in our garden ANY DAY!! Enjoy your color explosion!

    1. I keep thinking this is a gift because of what last summer was like.

  8. It has been a fabulous March. It feels a little bit like July down here but I love that we have so much blooming and growing after a couple of unusually cold springs.


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