Monday, March 19, 2012

Rarely Seen Here

A turkey running through the garden was a surprise on Sunday.

Monday brought another rare sight to Garden on Sherlock Street.

We had a nice rain receiving about .30" Monday morning.  It has been very dry here.

When I arrived home from work Monday afternoon, I was very surprised to find a mushroom.  Just one.  I know it wasn't there Sunday evening.


  1. Glad you got the rain! It's your week to have some rare finds!

  2. Very good news. We had a two day rain snow event. It has been warm and balmy here. The fruit trees with blooms and all.....and now the year!!! Plants have been covered. I hope it won't affect the plants too much. So many gardening projects to work on this week.

  3. I am still waiting to see if we get any rain this week. Hard to believe it's March and I am already worrying about it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Glad you got some rain. Mushrooms do have a way of coming up unexpectedly and are always interesting. What a treat having that visiting turkey. :-)

    Happy spring gardening ~ FlowerLady

  5. We ended up with about 1.25 inches. .yeah!! I have had mushrooms come up in my greenhouse several times now too!! They are so neat to look at!! Hoping for some more rain this week!!

  6. You stopped me in my tracks with the turkey!What,why, who???
    As for the lone mushroom, always play it safe and leave well alone I say, just in case. Very odd though.

  7. We have had more rain this winter/early spring than I can ever remember.... However, we have had less mushrooms in the yard than past years when it was dryer...Weird, huh????

    Beautiful mushroom in your yard... That mushroom probably enjoyed your rain!!!!


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