Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turkey In The Side Garden

Sunday came to us with a lot of wind.

As I sat at our table looking out into the garden I was quite surprised to see a turkey dash through the garden.  We have a creek run near our neighborhood.  So, it is likely the turkey made its way into town along the creek.  I grabbed the camera and hurried outside.

I snapped a few photos while shooting the video.

Then, I backed off.  The turkey went over the fence and disappeared.  I went to the front garden, but didn't see the turkey anywhere in the neighborhood.  I'm glad I got the video and photos.

I'm sure the wind got the turkey out of sorts.  I hope it found its way back to its flock.


  1. I can't even imagine seeing them run wild. Hopefully it did make it back to the rest.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. How rare! Glad you got the video and photos. I could hear the wind chimes in your video.

  3. You have a turkey in your yard. That is very random....and cool:) Suddenly I'm hungry for stuffing.....mmmmm.....:)

  4. I have a post coming up on turkeys found in an odd location too. I think birds in general are showing up in places they are not expected. Good capture.

  5. Wow! A turkey in the garden! What a fun visitor!

  6. Wow. What a fun visitor to the garden!

  7. Funny. I live in the city, and there have been turkeys and peacocks loose in the neighborhoods here before. One time I went outside andthere was a big peacock on my neighbor's car !

    1. Peacocks on cars would be worse that cat prints on cars. But they are beautiful!!

  8. What fun! Great capture on the video too!!

  9. What a gorgeous turkey... Looks like one of the big guys I saw in the Smokies a few months ago... He did look a little lost, didn't he????

    There are turkeys in our area --but I never see them anywhere near our homes... In order to see them, we have to walk in the woods nearby.

    Great pictures and video.

  10. How cool to have the presence of mind to get a video taken! That was fun, and we got to see your yard waking up from winter.

    I have a clump of butterfly milkweed coming up, but the rest of those and the other kinds of milkweed are not up yet. It has been such fun seeing the different plants coming up on different days. I'm glad we had some rain today. I didn't catch how much we had, but the ground is good and wet. I'm glad I got some transplanting done, and everything looks happy.

  11. That's funny!! Wonder what we miss when we AREN'T paying attention!!


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