Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bring On Those April Showers

The last average frost here is April 28.  I am holding myself back from planting tender plants that wouldn't survive a frost because our weather is weird.  We could still get a little freeze.  We should not, however, get cold enough to freeze anything solid which would break hoses, etc.  So, the rain barrels are set up and ready to capture those April showers.

I have details about my rain barrels on this post.

The rain gauge is also in service once again so watch for the rain gauge/barrel reports.


  1. An impressive array! Hopefully you'll be able to fill them very soon...and HOPEFULLY you won't need to use them as much as last year!

  2. I finally, after only about 4.5 years, set up my rain barrels and it is an amazing thing to have them fill up with just a half inch of rain. So cool I wish I had done it long ago. I planted all my tenders a few weeks ago. I had fingers crossed and looked at the 10 day forecast and so far I've been lucky. It is much smarter to be safe than lucky though I think.

  3. I have got to set up a rain barrel or 2.

  4. Hi there, I love your rain barrels... Great way to save some money --and be able to use the water... We need to do that!

    It's frustrating, isn't it, to have to wait until the weather is better in order to set out your plants? Around here, we usually use the date of April 15 --but this year was so different with such a warm winter and early spring.


  5. The rain barrels are great. I have one but would really like to have more placed around the property. You are a wise wise person:) Play it safe and keep your frost tender in for a bit....Murphy's Law.

  6. I have long been contemplating on getting used plastic barrels and store our rain during the rainy season. However, it is difficult to do that in this parts, nobody seem to know how to put openings in those plastic containers, and i can't seem to learn to do it. I also don't know what kind of adhesives to use to put the faucets in place. These are all just in my head. Every dry season is a problem, yet nobody seems to be doing it. I hope i will be the first one!

    1. My hubby used a wood spade bit to cut the holes needed to connect mine. Worked well. Need to match the same size as the connectors and spouts. There's no glue with my spouts, etc. Heavy duty rubber gaskets inside keep them from leaking. Find a helpful person at the hardware store with a list of what you need to do. I'll bet they can help you find the pieces. Good luck!

  7. My one rain barrel is probably full as we had rain yesterday....doing the happy dance here! I believe we have a larger chance of rain over the weekend!!

  8. I hope you fill them up. I love how you have them set up!

  9. I don't have a rain barrel - not many people here have them. Hope they fill up for you. Have a nice weekend.

  10. My rain barrels are most likely full from the 2 plus inches of rain we got a week ago. I hope yours get full soon if they aren't yet.


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