Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dividing The Spider Plant

This is my humongous spider plant.  Well, it's several spider plants in one container.  My mom gave me a start from her spider plant when my wonderful husband and I moved into our first home after getting married almost 19 years ago.  I have repotted it numerous times adding some starts from the spider plant to fill in the container, but I have never divided it.  This is the largest container I want to keep it in.  So, it is time to divide the spider plant.  I've been putting it off as long as possible, but it is obviously root bound as it dries out quickly.

The roots are also pushing the soil up and over the container's edge which means there is usually potting soil on the floor of the living room.

Here she is all stretched out on the patio.

I slid off the container and found this tangle of roots.

The roots have even shaped themselves into the feet that give the container some clearance in the drip pan.

I used a square shovel to divide the spider plant in half.

Then, I used the shovel to divide one half in half.

I put half back into the original container with some nice new potting soil, and I put the other two pieces into temporary containers as I want to add them to some hanging baskets for the patio this summer.

Here's the largest spider plant back on its stand in the living room.

The other two pieces are waiting with the overwintered plants to go into patio containers.


  1. I hand mine here and there in the gardens. Lovely that you have kept it so long!

  2. What a lovely plant. Funny how it even grew into the feet of the pot!

  3. I need to check mine to see how they are doing. I tend to neglect the houseplants until they go outside for the summer. I enjoyed your demonstration.

  4. It has greatly exceeded the life of an average house plant. I bet it is very happy to have so much room.

  5. Spider plants and trailing tradescantia, both things that mums always seem to have in their house in my experience. Thanks for taking us through the 'dividing up' process, it looks as though it was ready, and very funny how the roots had made foot shapes. I quite like the (i think it looks like a barbecue) as a stand for several of them.

  6. They are a very generous plant. Easy to grow. Plenty for Christmas gift.

  7. Wow, that is one old spider plant. Great idea to add them to hanging baskets.

  8. Your Spider plants are huge. I love all of the little babies on the ends.

  9. I need to divide mine too. Thank you foe photos.

  10. YOu SO need to go to the antique place and get an old funnel or two to put those in for the summer. .I'll be WH could FIX YOU UP!! Isn't is nice to get those looming tasks completed. .the ones you put off and put off cause you don't want to mess with them?

  11. Great shots of your plants! Those are really some faithful plants, wish I had your green thumb!!


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