Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Autumn Joy Sedum

The Autumn Joy sedum cuttings I started in the house have nice roots.  It is time for them to return to the garden.

OK.  I want each of you to grow big and beautiful like the sedum below?

You can see the area I want the Autumn Joy sedum to fill.  Those tiny tufts of green are the cuttings.

Grow, grow, grow!


  1. I love AJ sedum. We had so much at our last 2 houses and enjoyed sharing with neighbors and enlarging our flower beds. In Autumn, we could place the cuttings directly in the ground. The frost would take it down to the ground but then new plants would emerge in Spring!
    Your plants are so very pretty!

  2. I love propagating sedums like this. I should do it more often, but I don't out of either laziness or stupidity. Although, last year I did divide mine and moved a couple of the new pieces to new parts of the garden.

  3. I love sedum plants and the great display have, even in the winter!

  4. Oh, just look at those babies! They look so healthy. I am sure they will grow to be just as big as the Mother plant. I usually over water Sedum but now I know they do not require the liquid as often so I am giving it another try in my dryer gardens....

  5. I usually get my new plants like Maple Lane does. .just stick the cutting right into the ground. .it works great!! I have also used that several times when I have broken off a stem or stems :-) with my hose!! I love Autumn Joy. .such a nice flash of fall color. .I bought another one a couple years ago, called Autumn something. .it is a variegated version. .trying to think whether I have seen it's arrival yet!?! There were some other exciting things going on in that area, and I don't know if I noticed it!! Grow, grow, GROW little sedums!!

  6. I love our Autumn Joy Sedum also. We first got ours from George's Dad--and even went back for more for several years... They do well here ---and take almost no care at all... I love the way the blooms will change colors as the seasons change...

    Yours are great!!!!

  7. They'll fill that out this year. I love Sedums also. Not only pretty but so hardy you can do anything to them.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. What conditions are yours growing in? I have finally moved mine to a container after struggling for several years, maybe I kept them too moist.

  9. Excellent!!! LOL:) You've saved yourself some money:) The plants look great in this area. It's one of my favorite plants to grow back home. Hope you are having a nice day. I'm at work taking a break:)

  10. I did this last year...they are coming up this year!!!


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