Friday, April 6, 2012

Sprouts Of Spring With Action Photos Of Gardener Weeding Included

We were blessed with rain this week at Garden on Sherlock Street.
On Thursday, the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds and this gardener headed outside.

I found the first iris buds forming along the driveway in the forest.

I practically dove into the lilac bush in the front garden to experience the scent completely, but contained myself and walked down the sidewalk to take a photo of it from a completely different angle than I have before.
To the left are Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n Gold.'  The taller shrubs to the far left are forsythia finished with their blooms and getting small leaves.  There is also a hackberry tree in there, but it is just starting to bud.

A photo from the street shows the lilac and the burning bushes.

The new leaves on the burning bushes are just lovely.  Such a pretty green.
I know many places in the south have trouble with burning bushes self seeding every where, but I've never had a volunteer here.  I love them for their red foliage in the fall, but these new green leaves deserved a photo too.

This is a success.  Last fall I rescued some asters from the lawn.  The roots are sending up new sprouts.

During the heat of last summer, I feared the soloman's seal from our amazing gardening neighbor had died, but here it is returning this spring.  Although, looking sparse.

The front walk way is lined with grape hyacinths.

At the back end of the forest by the corner where I keep the rain barrels, the lamium is returning.

It's starting to bloom too.

The moon flower is sending up new shoots.

The peas in the raised vegetable beds are looking good. 

I am guessing a gourd of some kind got buried here and all the seeds in it have decided to sprout at once.

There are a few tiny green sprouts showing where I planted the milkweed seeds last fall.  I am hoping they are milkweed plants.

This was really a surprise.

One of the hardy geraniums is already blooming.

My clematis is proving the saying, "first year it sleeps, second year it creeps, third year it leaps."

This is year three and one tendril is almost to the top of the trellis.

I planted onion sets last week.  The ones close together for green onions are coming up like crazy.

Most of my time in the garden Thursday was spent weeding.

I set the camera to take regular photos and moved it around the garden with me.  I got a lot of photos without me in the frame, some really bad photos which I deleted and these shots.

This bed had tons of sunflowers sprouting in it, but I don't want sunflowers in this bed so out they came.

The green you see in the foreground is mostly love-in-a-mist.  There's a lot of love at GonSS.  

I started out keeping my knees out of the mud, but by the end of the day I had muddy knees.

This wild area where the teepee trellises live has a lot of volunteer plants.  Keepers and weeds.  Here I'm tackling some wild four o'clocks.

I spent most of my time in the alley.

There are self seeding annuals, a few irises and a lot of potential in the alley.  Everything growing or planned for the alley is also in the "main" garden.  I'm just trying to fill the area with a mix of plants that will look good, won't need mowed like grass and can be replaced if utility crews do any work back here.

We consider the alley area our 'drive through garden.'  I tell friends who what to check on what's blooming that drive through hours are sunrise to sunset.

Have a blessed Easter weekend.


  1. Hi There, Gardening is alot of work--but isn't it great when we see those little green sprouts coming through the ground???? LOVE it... Looks like you have done alot in your yard --and things are looking good...

    Our Clematis hasn't even started to think about blooming yet... But--all of our Crocuses and Hyacinths are gone now... The Daffodils are almost all gone --and so are the Tulips. We still have Pansies blooming, some Candy Tuft, our Phlox and our Dianthus has started blooming.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Ok , Mrs-always have-your-back-to -us-under-a-pink-hat chickee. Why so mysterious woman? Had to ask, I can relate with all the dirty knees and weeding. take care! Gina

  3. Your lilac was gorgeous this year! Ours were the best ever, but they don't get the full sun and unimpeded space that yours does. Just yesterday I noticed that the blooms were quickly fading. Today they are almost completely done.

    What variety of clematis do you have? Have you had to pamper it at all? I've got a Roguchi (sp?) which is doing very well with no extra care, but I'm looking to add one or two more. I'm leaning towards a Princess Diana or one of the other C. texensis hybrids.

    1. Jackmanii is a very pretty one...and one that seems to be hardy in many different parts of the country. I haven't seen one up here yet (so I'll be watching yours closely!), but a friend in Mobile, Alabama, had one that was gorgeous - and the climate down there is almost as tough as ours, for very different reasons, of course.

    2. The clematis is 'Jackmanii.' I don't really baby it. In fact, last summer in the heat wave and drought, I discovered the soaker hose that I thought was watering it wasn't really close enough. Good thing I had given it a few extra drinks of water. It had a few blooms last year. They are a deep purple.

  4. Your lilac is gorgeous! My cat, Kaboodle, would love to rub her face on the blossoms - she reacts to it like catnip!
    You have so many of the flowers we had at the last house. I have never had Solomon's Seal or Milk Weed though. It was fun to see you hard at work and to see the yard from a different angle out front. Happy Easter.

  5. LOVE your lilac bushes!! I have a clematis too, that has neither really lived nor died. .already this spring it is taller than ever before and loaded with buds!! Yippee!! Happy Easter!

  6. Your lilac bush is wonderful! I love the Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n Gold' on the one side and the burning bush on the street side. Lovely contrast.

    It is neat seeing your garden waking up and you working in it. Gardening is such hard work, especially the older I get, but it brings such joy.

    Have a wonderful Easter ~ FlowerLady

  7. It's all coming along quite nicely! I have a couple heavy and aged clematis. The wind blew them down and I need to go tie them up! (Seeing your pictures reminded me of a chore left undone.)

    It is so wonderful to see the bushes and trees bloom out! Every year, it seems like the "first time" to me!

    Happy Easter to YOU!

  8. I love the combination of the Lilac, Forsythia and Euonymus in the front, very striking. I do also agree with Gina about seeing more of you mystery lady. Take care, the garden looks great!

  9. I really like the first and second photos, what a lovely planted corner fence!! Doesn't it feel good to have those dirty knees?

  10. All your plants look so nice already. I have alot of veggie sprouts in the house but too cool to plant out yet, although I do have beets growing outdoors and radishes in my greenhouse. Happy Easter

  11. Oh wow, you have a great looking garden. It is a good size. I will look forward to see the individual plants growing up and blooming. I don't do asters but may look into them. I have a lot of zinnias each year. My lilacs are at about the same stage as yours but ours are early. I have a viburnum putting out buds already.

  12. Aye, the weeds! Weeds! Weeds! Weeds!

    I'm still not over my weekend of them, as you can see.


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