Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hiding In Plain Sight

It is amazing how some things are right in front of you; yet, hidden.

This little display of succulents sits in front of a kokopelli garden stake.

 I got the kokopelli after a trip to New Mexico.  Who doesn't need a magical flute player in their garden?

And, what's on the kokopelli?

A chrysalis.  I wonder what beautiful butterfly will come out of it.


  1. I just love the stake, and am looking forward to a photo of the butterfly when it emerges,

  2. Oh, what a nice "bonus" to your beautiful display.

  3. Great observation! There's always SOMEthing, isn't there? (I think that's why I enjoyed the book I just finished...the power of observation and ability to capture those observations in writing make for a great story!

    "Chrysalis" and "kokopelli"! One, a new word; and neither would I be able to spell correctly w/o spell check!

  4. You are going to be checking on that all the time....:)

  5. I love little finds like that in my garden! I hope you're around to capture the butterfly when it emerges - we're all anxious to see what it is!

  6. When I came home from work Thursday, it had hatched and flown away. It will remain a mystery.

  7. I haven't found any of those around yet! I keep looking on parsley plant. .no go!! Too bad you missed it!!


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