Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Many New Containers At GonSS

I made a list of what I wanted to plant in containers in March, but plans change and I found some new plants to try.  Here's the container tour.

Last year, I put up a twine fence along the sidewalk by this area to keep people (mostly the postal delivery person who walks across the lawn) from walking through the corner of the front shrub bed.  It worked, but now that the irises are larger, I just need to protect the corner from being compacted where I have some daffodils.  I placed a large plastic container with some heat loving annuals there to direct foot traffic around the area.

yellow pursalane and white angelonia

This collection is on the edge of the front walk.

left on ground: purple fountain grass
right on ground: green sweet potato vine and dichondra silver falls
hanging baskets: jacob's coat and purple and white verbena

The flower tower sits between our garage doors.  Assembly information is listed here.

yellow calibrocha, vinca vine cuttings and purple hyacinth bean seeds

A little foliage by the picnic table.

purple sweet potato vine

Vitex may or may not overwinter here.  I'm trying to start some from seed shared with me by a another blogger.  If I'm successful in getting them started, I'll be able to move the container to a more protected area during winters.  The sedum autumn joy starts in the background are doing well.

vitex seeds

There is a lot of foliage in this photo.  Hopefully, you can make out the little bucket on the ground and the hanging baskets.

galvanized bucket on ground: pink verbena and pink diascia
hanging baskets: spider plant and fuschia vinca

purple fountain grass and creeping jenny

galvanized bucket: coleus
clay pot by bucket: baby's tears
clay pot by water container: asparagus fern

clay pot by water container: asparagus fern [again]
clay trough: caladiums
galvanized trough: wandering jew
[I don't have any life in the water container yet.]

These fun crickets were made by my uncle who made the sunflower sculpture and the shovel bird I shared on an earlier post.

peach rose moss

pink ice plant [2 of these on edge of patio.]

round tub: gooseneck loosestrife
bucket: white and purple osteospermum and wandering jew cuttings
oval tub:  variegated sweet potato vine
water jug: purple wave petunia

The osteospermum, white with a purple center, was too fun to pass up.

purple osteospermum

trash cans: asparagus fern and yellow wave petunia
bucket: elephant ear's and begonia
[Two plastic containers on the right are just filled with sand.  I'll set something on top of them later.]

black container: purple fountain grass and purple sweet potato vine
little clay pot: salmon geranium
[Clay pots and plastic saucer on the right are a bird bath.  The brick in the saucer keeps it from blowing away.]

I've been wanting to expand my succulent collection for a while and Melanie at There's No Place Like Home made so many cool displays with hers that I was inspired to gather a few together on the patio.  Mine are in regular containers instead of interesting repurposed ones.  I'll keep my eyes open for those cool containers though.

left:  rosularia serpentinica
strawberry pot: dragon's blood stone crop
front: echeveria known as topsy turvy
right: echeveria nodulosa
[Bucket in background is the one with pink verbena and pink diascia listed earlier.]

These two echeveria should grow babies and fill the containers.

echeveria nodulosa

echeveria known as topsy turvy

I planted the main clump of dragon's blood stone crop in a garden bed, but am hoping these little starts will drape from this mini strawberry pot.

dragon's blood stone crop

These are what I consider mini hens and chicks.  I also planted some of them in a garden bed.
I had these little galvanized containers from a windowsill herb garden kit I'd received as a gift.  Hopefully, the little guys (or gals as they're hens) will fill them.

rosularia serpentinica

There are still geraniums and a few houseplants waiting to come out of the house, but most of the containers are ready for the growing season.


  1. I've been paring down my containers . . . but I love what you did and your repurposing. Can't wait to see pictures of your containers in July -- when they're lush!

  2. I was out of breath just reading the descriptions and looking at all the photos! That was an amazing job, and should look awesome as all the containers fill in!

  3. Oh my, you do have quite a few containers. I'm loving your flower pot tower, and have a perfect spot for one. Need to check out your instructions.

  4. FUN!!! I love your purple and white iris!! And love your succulents. .hope you do too. One of my fave sedums is the dragons blood. .it stays nice here all winter long!! A great color combo!

  5. All those containers must have taken you forever to plant! I cannot wait to see them when they all fill in. It will certainly be worth it. I cannot plant my annuals for another 4 weeks here in southern ontario zone 5a but you have inspired me to do some planning.

  6. I like your wide variety of containers and what you've done with them. I especially like that flower tower.

  7. Oh you've lots of containers for summer color, I always enjoy seeing your containers. Totally cute yard art!


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