Monday, May 7, 2012

May Tour 2012

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden




  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
    And I smile when I see your "forest"--we have a stand of pines on the north side of the property. We had a logger call and say they were just "junk trees"--not good for anything and that we should cut them down. Excuse me? Tell that to all the birds that LOVE those trees to roost/nest in.
    Have a great week....and happy gardening.

  2. Beautiful photos....everything is really growing now. Hope you have a nice Monday!

  3. I bet you get a very lovely view off that back porch! I love the forest. :)

  4. Every garden is so unique, I love your forrest!!! The view into the back yard is so pretty. Have a good time enjoying them this week.

  5. Your backyard looks like a very peaceful place to relax!

  6. Your alley is really feeling in. Actually looks quite nice for an alley anyway. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Ahhh. .everything is looking so nice!! Wanting you to know. .that several things you shared are blooming. .the pink flower, and a small blue bloom (I need to get my list out and ID them now. .just haven't had time to get to it!!) The pink flowers are large, like a morning glory bloom. .and I think I should be able to remember what they are..but, alas. .I can't!! Looks like a peaceful place to park yourself!

  8. Your different areas are looking great! You are having a nice long bloom time for your bachelor buttons and such.

  9. This looks great!!! How do keep everything so orderly??!!! It's been crazy here and I'm a little behind in the posts:) Catching up now...

  10. I was looking for tourism blog and i bumped into your blog. Since I am already here let me take this time out to appreciate your blog. ^_^


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