Monday, May 28, 2012

Peas And Tomato

The harvests are coming in at Garden on Sherlock Street.

Loving the snow peas (melting sugar).  They are producing well.
We're enjoying them with salads.  I also pull the strings, wash, dry, freeze on a cookie sheet and store in a container to use later in recipes.  Yummy!

This it the first tomato (sweet baby).  I don't think I've ever harvested a tomato in May before.

Hope you are enjoying produce from your garden too.


  1. YUM... What time is dinner? I'll be there... ha ha

    Happy Memorial Day. Let's never forget those men and women who gave their lives for us and for our freedom.


  2. Good Morning! Those peas look delicious and the basket is cute as can be, too! Wow - a tomato in May! Looks like it will be a great growing season for you. Enjoy the day.

  3. Congratulations on the tomato! We're getting close, but none of ours are ready yet.

  4. Wonderful results!!! Well, sadly either A)the birds have eaten some of the fruits like apricots or B)they've dried up! But hope remains strong that some will do well:)

  5. Hi Gardener,
    I plan to plant edible pod peas of some kind next year. I have been spending lots of time shelling the few meals of peas I've grown. So, you don't have to blanch the peas before you freeze them? How cool you are starting to get tomatoes! I have a number of volunteers I'm letting grow.

    1. I've stopped blanching peas without any trouble especially the snow peas where we eat the whole pod. They do great in stir fry recipes.

  6. I think I shall have to bring you over for a holiday, as most of our stuff is still at the big seedling stage. You havetTomatoes already....excellent!

  7. MMM. .I noticed that one of my sweet babies will be ready this week too!! Then hold on. .soon there will be too many to count! Hope you were able to share that one with WH :-)

  8. We have tomatoes in the back yard along the fence. None are even big enough to fry. I love fried green tomatoes. Carrel, over my complaint, planted a tomato in my front yard. We planted three one year in another bed until we could make up our minds what to put in the spot. Carrel does not top his tomatoes or prune the suckers. Well you know what a mess they made. But MY tomato is doing fine( even if I was going to put a cut worm on it) mine are bigger than his.

  9. I forgot to sow some snow peas yet. Thanks for the reminder. Nice harvest so many. Lovely surprise with your first tomato!

  10. Yu-uhm-my! The lone red tomato is lovely. You have harvested very nice looking snow peas. At home we love this sauteed with some garlic and onion, strips of beef and some oyster sauce. The simple cooking of these brings out the flavor of the snow peas.
    Have a nice day!

  11. That sounds yummy! I love the crispness of snow peas.


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