Thursday, May 3, 2012

Planting Tomatoes, Planting Peppers

The time arrived for tomato and pepper plants to go into the garden Wednesday afternoon.

The area set up for tomato plants was over run with volunteer dill.

I decided to leave the dill on this side of the tomatoes at least for now.  Trying to support the swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.

Here are the five tomato plants anxious to go into the ground.  Melanie shared these with me in our big plant swap, garden tour, get together at her place in April.  She does an amazing job starting vegetable plants in her greenhouse.

Varieties:  Brandywine, Mater Sandwich, Amish Paste, Chocolate Cherry and Sweet Baby.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  There is no way five tomato plants will fit into that little space shown above.  In general, most things are planted closer together than recommended at Garden on Sherlock Street.  I just don't have extraneous space.  I'll admit that sometimes I miss calculate.  For instance, the peas shaded the melon sprouts for too long last summer.  They just didn't get a good start.  However, I've always planted my tomatoes this close together and still had fruit.  It's sort of like having a tomato hedge.

Not only do all the tomatoes have blooms going into the ground, Sweet Baby has one tiny cute tomato.

Tomatoes benefit from being planted deeper than they are in their starting containers because they will grow roots off the main stem if it is put below soil level.  I dug nice deep holes for the tomatoes.

I just snapped off the leaves that would have been below soil level.

Then, put the soil back and a little straw.

Five happy tomato plants in the garden.

I typically place water jugs around my plants to keep them warm on chilly nights.  That is not necessary this spring.  Instead, the water jugs will act as wind buffers for the newly transplanted tomatoes.

Three pepper plants went into the garden on Wednesday too.
Here's another small space planned for peppers.

Till the soil a bit.
Yes, those are peas on the left.  They're growing well but not blooming yet.

Gather the pepper plants.  One jalapeno and two red bell plants.

Peppers get planted at the same depth that the plants are in their pots.

A few water jugs to protect the pepper plants.

In other water jug news...

The winter sown seeds were a bust this year for the gardillia.  The one chocolate plant sprout perished.  That leaves three containers of false sunflower.  They are looking good.  I made them a window to allow more air circulation.  It'll be a bit yet before putting them in the ground.


  1. Looking good! I plant the same way as you-very closely and I also miscalculate. It's annoying when you don't have much room. I'm jealous you already have a tomato. Mine have barely begun to think of tomatoes at this point.

  2. This was a bad year for my winter sowing as well. Last year, I had an abundance, this year--a bust. I think it was our 85 degrees in March and our return to nights in the 20's. Oh well, there's always NEXT YEAR!
    Lucky you being able to plant--our last frost date isn't until June 1. Sigh...

  3. Yes, I plant tomatoes close together because I have less space for weeds. Your plants look great and I will be anxious to see how they have grown after a couple of weeks.

  4. Your plants are coming along nicely, the peas are already good sized - our weather is so behind the peas are barely out of the ground and I even pre-sprouted them.
    I too save all kinds of plastic jugs for the garden which drives my other half nuts. I also save all paper/cardboard/junkmail to use under the mulch to keep the weeds down. All he sees is trash!!!

  5. Nice!!! Great steps to set up a successful garden....and of course, you yield great results. Our garden fills with Swallowtails because of all the citrus trees. They sure do a number on the leaves:) But it doesn't affect the fruit so it's all good:)

  6. Interesting variety of tomatoes you have planted. Everything looks so good and I get hungry just reading about them. Hope you have a very nice weekend.

  7. Glad to know that it wasn't just my wintersowing technique that was a bust. .I see Sue's were too. .not a good project outcome. Jeremy helped me get our maters and peppers in last night too. .I noticed little tomatos on many of our plants. .I brought the sweet baby plant from the greenhouse to my mom's tonight. .fully loaded with baby tomatos. .She really enjoyed the one she managed to smuggle from Cami and Devin. .and hopefully she will eat those from now until frost!! We'll miss them. .but from the looks of the plants just set out. .we'll be in for some more very soon!! I hope the weather is kinder to the plants this summer. .at least we can count on a few tomatos anyway!

  8. Once again an interesting idea, about the water jugs! I am more of a vegetable garden kinda girl and I love what you what you are planting. Tomatoes and peppers are easily grown here in the Philippines and I hope i'll be planting some of them soon. Thanks for sharing!


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