Friday, May 18, 2012

Shy Couple

I added some plants and fish to the water garden recently.  Water hyacinth, water lettuce and hornwort plants with two lionhead goldfish.

 They are still kind of shy but getting used to us coming and going out the patio door.

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  1. You have it all ready for the summer now. Enjoy!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I wish I could have fish in a water feature. That's on my list!

  3. How sweet..guess there aren't any cats around..

  4. Very nice...have a good weekend.

  5. Your water garden looks as if it will be a pleasing feature on your patio.

  6. How nice! Hope they thrive in their new home. Have a great weekend.

  7. Our fish are shy as well -- you seem them in the morning and only from inside -- the minute you open the door they are gone . . . but perhaps that is why they are still there!

    Water hyacinth will take over!!! You'll be surprised at how many you'll end up with. The good thing is that it is an annual!

  8. We purchased a preformed pond liner for a pond this year and I think I'm going to get goldfish, too. I'm a little worried about squirrels and birds eating them, but I'm hoping if I provide enough cover they'll be fine.

    Then I'll just bring them inside in the winter - if they make it that long.

  9. I really like the colors on your fish!! My little pitcher pump fountain has been running well so far this summer (it doesn't always) I keep thinking I should transfer a couple fish into it! We'll see if it gets done now that life is winding down a bit.


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