Monday, May 21, 2012

A Veggie Garden Update

The front walk has such a nice display of flowers that I just had to share.  Not only does this greet our guests; but we enter the house at the front door too because while we have an attached garage, there is not a door inside that leads to the house.  The garage was added to the house at some point. I love walking through the flowers.

I let a lot of plants self seed.  Mostly I get flowers, but in the wild area where I let things compost, vegetables can appear too.

This yellow squash plant is already producing food!  

The raised vegetable beds are quite full.  We are starting to get peas.  Add them to the strawberries,  lettuce, radishes and onions we've been enjoying.

The water jugs are lined up so I can use the water in them to fill the aqua cones.  I don't need the jugs to protect seedlings any more this season.  The aqua cones are the round brown things you see.  They are inverted two liter bottles with the bottoms cut off and the necks stuck into spikes that direct the water to the plants roots.  They are brown because I cover each one with a knee high stocking to act as a filter keeping out leaves and bugs.

Hoping for good harvests!


  1. You are so creative. Hose? :) I love it. That is so nice and neat and the benefit of your own veggies.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. What a terrific idea--the aqua cones. I will try that!
    Your sidewalk is so inviting. Very pretty!!

  3. Love the white flowers and the purple ones. What are they. Do they come back for you?

    1. They are daisies and a salvia. They come back! The daisies have their big show now and need dead headed. They'll bloom a little all summer. The salvia blooms all summer and the butterflies and bees love it!

  4. Interesting (and excellent) idea to cover the water cones with stockings as a filter!

    Everything is looking gorgeous at your place. I love your front walkway!

  5. Your garden areas are looking great. I grew a lot of butternut squash last year and they did very well. Happy gardening.

  6. Everything is looking great! I just posted and update as well. Things sure are busy this time of the year!

  7. How nice to enter your house walking down an aisle of lovely flowers!

  8. I would love to walk up that front sidewalk and see butterflies & bees happily buzzing around! Very pretty and congrats on all the good food you are harvesting.

  9. what a sneaky little it

  10. Your front walk is very welcoming. I really like your aqua cones.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I love the idea with the stockings... I am new at gardening and it is nice to learn something new. I really hope that you will have a very good harvest!

  12. Can't believe how big that squash is already!! Good for you!

  13. I love the stockings idea!!!


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