Sunday, June 10, 2012

Milkweed, Coneflowers And Wheat

Saturday morning, my wonderful husband and I got up early to do some bike riding before the heat and the wind got started.  We beat the heat.  The wind started while we were returning home.  Our bike rides in the countryside usually include photo opportunities.

We saw a lot of milkweed along the roads.  I searched the plants for monarch butterfly caterpillars, but never saw one.

WH has gotten on a kick lately of taking photos of me taking photos.

I was capturing this shot of a milkweed pod forming.

We also saw a pasture filled with what I think is Prairie ConefloweRatibida columnifera.
The two lines in the photo are barbed wire fence.

The rest of our Saturday was spent at my parents' farm.  I headed right out to the fields to take photos of the golden wheat because it is ripe and ready to cut.

WH captured me in another photo.  Have I mentioned he is also into sepia tone photos?

Here's the golden wheat with the blue sky.

Hard to believe the wheat was so green and small during our bike ride in March.

My parents are retired and rent their farm ground to other farmers.  They receive a share of the crop as payment.  A few hours after I took my photos, the combine arrived to cut the field closest to the farmhouse.

The grain goes from combine to grain wagon and is hauled to the elevator.  Eventually, it will be marketed and processed for many foods.

It is dry, hot and windy here.  Perfect wheat harvest weather.


  1. Nice photo of the prairie coneflower with the barbed wire!

    I couldn't tell which of the pink upright milkweeds you were photographing there: common (Asclepias syriacus), smooth (A. sullivantii), or showy (A. speciosa). However, it doesn't really matter because any of them are great for monarchs and more!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sights from your bike ride with us. Your parents' farm is beautiful. Very interesting about the wheat. Enjoy this day!

  3. The wheat feild is lovely. My children and I started Milkweed from seed to aid the Monarch butterfly migration. We did find some caterpillars and that was very exciting.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  4. Looks like a great bike ride... What a beautiful area of our gorgeous country...

    I have some friends in Western Colorado who are thinking about retiring and giving up farming. They are struggling with that decision... If they do, they will live on the farm and lease the land around them. Are your parents happy with that decision?


  5. I enjoyed seeing the photos taken by both you and your husband. I think you are correct about the name of the flowers. What a lovely place for a bike ride!

  6. Love all the photos, especially of the Ratiba with the barbed wire

  7. Hot, dry, and windy seems to be the way it is here too. The bike ride before the heat sounds good.

  8. Oh, I so loved this post because it helped me remember our motorcycle trip only a couple of weeks ago. I am ready to go again. There's something about the fields of wheat and the open spaces filled with prairie plants which make my heart quicken. Thanks for sharing yours.~~Dee

  9. Those bike rides you both take are great. That would be a fun route to take in those open fields. Hopefully there isn't too much traffic. I'm glad you found milkweed. Recently in Wisconsin I've found patches of it here and there but not growing like it used to in places and it's a bit worrisome. The Monarch needs that plant! The other half also finds it annoying/funny that I take pictures of plants, etc all the time. Playing detective is fun!:)

  10. HAHA! Laughing since I spent real money to buy some ratibida plants from HCG :-) I love 'em. This past weekend I harvested some pods from the false indigo (baptisia) near my mom's house. I hope to start some from seed next spring. Glad they got the wheat cut. .I love photographing harvest!!

  11. When we drove through Kansas I thought the wheat was so pretty and the flields of flowers. I know you had fun always good to go visit Mother. You don't think too much about it until she is gone. We have a field of Sun flowers between here and Greenville Miss. they were light yellow.


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