Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Oval Bed

A little video tour of what I refer to as "the oval bed."

More of the boisterous bird included.


  1. Very nice. Everything seems to be doing very well in your oval bed.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. :)
    I like the boisterous bird and the lovely "mix".
    I'm sure going to miss these hotel connections I've had over the past few weeks. Tomorrow it will be back to the SSSLLLOOOWWW dial-up at home.
    I'll be glad to get home, but I sure will miss videos!

  3. I'll bet the fragrance from this bed is wonderful!

  4. I especially loved watching your shadow, complete with hat, move around the garden as you commented on what you were growing! A perfect complement to your profile picture!

  5. I read the comments, and now, can't remember what you said that I wanted to quote. Oh, it was something about the bed being kind of a mix, but, "I like it." As I was watching, I was loving the mix of herbs, flowers, and veggies, and of course, your shadow.


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