Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pink Invader

The flower bed below our living room window in the front garden has a white coneflower Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan.'  It has performed beautifully for a number of years.

This year, the front garden rabbit ate it to the ground in the spring.  It is starting to make blooms even though it is currently only four inches tall.

'White Swan' has self seeded a bit.
Luckily, I have this volunteer blooming near the Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' to show you the flower.

I noticed a large volunteer this spring in the bed.

Imagine my surprise when it bloomed.

I realize this is probably a purple coneflower shared by a bird (there is a bird bath in the bed and I'm constantly pulling out little trees thanks to the birds).

A person would think a purple coneflower would be perfect for the front garden as all the blooms there are yellow, white or purple.  However, no matter how many times I say "purple coneflower," it looks PINK to me.  You may recall my confession of removing the pink larkspur from this bed.

It is on my list of plants to move.  I have just the spot for it in the back garden.  But, until the weather is better for transplanting (ie autumn),  it gets to be the PINK star of the show in the front garden.  I think it's pay back for pulling the two pink larkspur.

On a weather note, we have been around 110 degrees Fahrenheit all week!  Some plants are doing fine as long as I'm able to water them a bit.  The squash is not too happy though.  The pumpkin completely gave up.  Hoping for some rain and cooler weather soon.


  1. I adore the purple coneflowers -- even though they really are pink -- I wonder why they are called "purple" -- did a "color blind" person name them?

    It's been hot here and dry -- with no let up in sight -- watering keeps things barely alive. It takes a tough plant to survive 3 digit temps and no water!

    I must admit that established coneflowers (no matter what color) are one of those plants!

  2. What a beautiful little volunteer! A real gift, even if it is pink in a purple world!

  3. I can't believe it's still blooming for you that small. Good ole Echinacea.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. being a garden wench...nothing bothers me..well almost nothing....poison ivy and lemonbalm...out.....but I confess to a riotious wild abode of garden...I wish you well
    and it does have a hint of purple....
    I love them

  5. I sure hope you get some relief from those awful temps! Amazing that so many plants can hang on through that. Me? I hide in the house after 10 a.m.
    I'll bet those plants wish they could too!

  6. Your bunny just made them miniature plants. LOL! Volunteers are always welcome and you can always find a spot for them. I am glad you can use a pink one in your garden. The bees and butterflies will enjoy it.

  7. Interesting how our birdies love to plant their own seeds for us ---to give us beautiful flowers... Love it!!!!

    It's a "lilac" color --more light purple to me than pink.


  8. I am fastidious about removing pink coneflowers from my front bed where I desire only the white ones. Nonetheless the pinks always show up. Grrrr.

  9. We are suffering from dry heat here in the south too. I hope we all get rain very soon.

  10. Volunteers are always a pleasant surprise. We've also had very hot, dry weather although our temperatures haven't hit 100° yet (tomorrow is supposed to be our 'lucky' day).

  11. I saw these in the garden up in Green Bay and they are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful surprise! Love volunteers. Always busy those little bunnies:) Hope you have a good weekend:)

  12. I like your pink/purple coneflower. I can understand you wanting to move it, though. I used to have white swan, and also got one called, 'Kim's Knee High', and one called, 'Harvest Moon'. The originals have died, and now, I have an abundance of a variety of sizes and colors,mostly pink and white. I am having problems with aster yellows.

    I used to only have purple, blue, or yellow flowers on the east side of the house, but when I replaced a hyssop, the tag said it was the blue blooming kind, but it turned out to be pink. Unlike you, I didn't move it. Maybe I should. The flowers are small, though, and since then, I have allowed other colors of day lilies and such to be there. Still, I am keeping mostly purple and yellow there. In the small area in front of the veggie garden, I have white and yellow flowers, along with plants that have red or other colors besides green in their foliage. Everywhere else is a hodge podge.

  13. I forgot to say I am also having problems with rabbits. I have been putting what wire hanging baskets I can find over the plants that are eaten to the ground, and am getting new growth on them. I am also using Liquid Fence, but am finding I need to reapply it more often than the bottle says. Maybe it's because we have been using the underground sprinkler.

  14. HAHAHA!! Pay back for the pink larkspur! Definitely!! It is a nice color though!! Enjoy it until the move!


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