Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heat Is Holding On

It has been hot for more days than I care to count.  A front is suppose be coming tonight with cooler air and the possibility of rain.  BRING IT ON!!!!!

In the mean time...

The neighborhood squirrel has discovered one of the bird baths.

The pink invader of the front purple, yellow and white garden is putting on a show.  Purple PINK coneflower loves the heat.

Out in the alley, some volunteer sunflowers are standing tall and blooming.
The heat, the drought and the wind have not phased them one bit.

The Gaillardia grandiflora 'Burgundy' or Burgundy Blanket Flower continues to bloom.  It is looking a bit rough because I'm letting the first batch of flowers go to seed.

The globe thistle which gets ignored is blooming.

The butterfly bush has started blooming.
Hoping the butterflies are surviving the heat somewhere.  Haven't seen many lately.

In the veggie garden, I optimistically planted more green beans and more carrots as my planting guide for our area suggests.  Seems crazy to think they'll get going with our heat.  Maybe the supposed coming week of cooler weather and some rain will make the difference.  The green beans plants that I already have are recovering from spider mites.  Production has been light.  They may not be on future planting lists as I'm not reaping much from the sowing.


  1. Mine all look like that also. It's so bad here the air has run non stop for the last 4 or 5 hours. Now I have to worry about it burning itself up. Will this ever end?

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Your globe thistle is beautiful. This will be the first year for mine--I'm anxiously waiting to see what they look like.

  3. GA's heat and drought are horrible, too. We've lost a few holly bushes and of course, the grass is suffering, also. We did get light rain earlier this evening. I hope you have an enjoyable Sunday.

  4. Everything is looking great even in the heat! I really like your globe thistle as well. We are supposed to get more storms today, I pray we keep our power!

  5. The heat is only one of the assaults on our poor plantings this year. We have had no rain. I looked up on the weather history and it said 4" in June but we live under an umbrella that "protects" us from any moisture that falls from the sky. I think The Bad Seed lives somewhere around here and doesn't like to get wet. Between my...discomforts...the heat, and a crotchety hose valve, watering doesn't get done in a timely fashion either. I can't even bear to look at photos of last year's lush vegetation. I give up about three times a day. But unlike the heat, it doesn't last.

  6. Wait and see what the rain will do. Sometimes just a little makes a big difference in the garden. Water is an important commodity these days:)

  7. My butterfly bush isn't looking to whippie with the heat. .I finally saw a couple big yellow and black bumble bees today. .I've been worried about them!! I picked a tomato. .YEAH!! And got my garlic trimmed and de-rooted today. .most of them turned out great!! Got some bulbs socked away for a cooler day! 1/10 of an inch of rain was about it for us today, but we REALLY enjoyed the cooler temp!

  8. Beautiful plants and photos--so excited to visit your blog!!! Will keep praying for rain... I know we're sure in desperate need of some moisture here in Oklahoma also :S

  9. I too, wonder why they call it 'Purple' Cone Flower. WEvery one I have seen ivaries from pink to a washed out brown/pink. Still, I live in hope as I watch our pathetic specimen in the garden. The Buddleia and Echinacea look fabulous! It does look very hot and dry over there, no wonder the little squirrel is grabbing a drink.

  10. Yes the heat and humidity are dampening our flowers spirits and our own.Bummer.


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