Thursday, July 19, 2012

King Of The Flower Tower

While the birds (and a squirrel) frequent the garden for water, the insect population has dwindled (except for squash bugs which I hunt on a regular basis).  Only a few butterflies and bees are seen on the flowers.  Barely any fireflies blink in the night.  I was very happy to find this little fellow on a purple hyacinth bean vine flower atop the flower tower recently.


  1. I was just saying on another blog how some of the things we normally have aren't here this year, although we're loaded with hornets and wasps.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Lucky!
    I've never spotted one. How neat!

  3. Hi There, When we have problems (such as the weather), we usually only think of how it effects US and our lives... However, it effects all of the critters/wildlife also... So SAD...


  4. oh just wonderful
    actually here...there are plenty of bees and wasps
    a few tiny butterflies...and grasshoppers..little ones
    nasty garden year....the heat so oppressive
    but we go forward

  5. That's a good sign. He must be eating all those nasty bugs up:) I think the fireflies need more moisture to light up your skies again. They are one of my most favorite and cherished insects from my childhood. I'll never forget my Granparents' home or Guatemala in 2006. It was like magic. And they always come out before or after the rain.

  6. It is guarding that bloom from the other bugs. LOL! Great shot.

  7. We found one of those the other day too! One blessing about no rain. .NO Mosquitos!! I am going to try not to complain about them if we ever get enough moisture for them to return!

  8. Ha those little fellas (gals too) are so much fun to watch. Most excellent he is protecting your plants from other bugs - maybe he should be eating the squash bugs!


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