Sunday, July 1, 2012

Look "WHOOOOO" Landed At GonSS

It has been hot, dry and windy at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Most of the gardening here has been watering.  Plants have died.  Luckily, nothing major or perennial so far.  I have some dwarf Alberta spruces who may call it quits this summer.  They've been getting scorched the last two summers.  This year, they look terrible!  My arborvitae which almost crisped last summer may also give it up.  Time will tell.  Working the soaker hoses a lot.

I worked by patio light Friday evening late and got up early Saturday morning before the sun to be able to spend some time in the garden when it wasn't too hot.  I cut back a lot of annuals which had gone to seed, hunted squash bugs, swept the sidewalks and watered!

Personal fireworks are banned in our area this year.  It is too dry.  We're hoping the city's fireworks display can still take place.  Fire crews are fighting grass fires in the countryside everyday.  I feel for them having to do that in general; but especially since we have temperatures well over 100 Fahrenheit.  Independence Day will be quieter this year.  There will still be a parade and other fun activities to get the community together.  BBQs will be plentiful I'm sure.

So, the arrival of the solar owls I won at In The Garden was a welcome diversion from the heat.  Side note:  Tina left the very first comment on GonSS when I started blogging.  She has a lot going on in her garden.  Her friend Skeeter also contributes to In The Garden.  These two ladies do a great job of sharing their plants and their projects.  Check it out when you get a chance.  

Serenity Health asked Tina to host the giveaway.  They have tons of great garden stuff!  A company promoting relaxation products is just what I needed while stressing out about the plants dying in this heat.

Here's the arrival of the owls.

I was happy to find out that the solar owls rechargeable batteries are accessible.  When they start to weaken, I can put in new rechargeable batteries to keep these guys glowing for years to come.

The instructions said to make sure they were turned off and let them charge a full day before turning them on.  Sunshine I've got!  Out to the BBQ area they went.

Look at those eyes!

While they were cute by the BBQ area, I walk through the place they were sitting a lot so that would not be their roosting spot.

They look good filling the space left vacant after the garlic harvest.

The end of the berm could use something since the bachelor buttons are gone now.  (Should have swept the stepping stones before taking photo.)

Maybe in this bed where I'm hoping the petunias and perslane I recently bought on discount will fill in.

I think this is a good spot for them.  For now at least.  They're fun to move around.

Thank you Serenity Health.

Thank you Tina.

We have family from out of state home to visit and a lot of fun activities in our community for Independence Day.  I may not post for a while [who wants to watch me melt in the heat anyway  :-)].

Happy Independence Day.
To my out of the USA readers, Happy 4th of July!   :-)


  1. Those are cute and I'm sure you'll enjoy them for many garden seasons to come.

    Sorry to hear you have some plants dieing, that's always disappointing.

    Enjoy your company and try to keep cool.


  2. Though we aren't nearly as hot as your temps, we've had endless days of sun and wind and with our sandy soil, many plants that were doing well are starting to really suffer. It's awful--I feel terrible having to pick and choose who lives and who dies. But, I also don't want to kill my well, so pick and choose-I must.
    Hope you get some relief from the heat. And couldn't we all use an all-day rain.........
    Happy 4th!

  3. I LOVE the owls! I am going to have to find some for my garden.

  4. Awww, thank YOU! What a nice post. So glad you like the owls and I know the gals at Serenity Health will like this post too. I like how you told us about the unique features of the owls. They look great!

    I didn't remember I was the first person who commented on your blog. That was a while ago!

    Enjoy your hot summer. It is the same here too. It really stinks.

  5. Too cute and it's even better since you won them. Always nice for a pleasant surprise.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Love the adorable owls! What a cute addition to the garden. They can go almost anywhere and perk it up.

    (the dwarf Alberta spruces are likely not getting scorched. They very commonly get mites that turn them brown. Extra watering helps overall health when they are dry, but won't stop the browning. You will need a miticide.)

    1. I gave them a good soaking Saturday morning. You might be right on the mites this year as they're browning on the shade side too. Last two years it was just where the sun hit them the most and I couldn't fine any mites. I need to investigate closer. Thanks.

  7. Congrats on the addition of the OWLS! Those big eyes are just a glowing at night and too cute during the day as well. When I get something new for decoration in the garden, it moves around a bit before it finds it forever spot in the garden. LOL. Thanks for the kind words of Tina and I. We have so much fun blogging together. When going to my Link I noticed that I really need to update those garden photos. The Garden has really changed a lot since I added those pics.... Again, Congrats and enjoy those beautiful critters in your garden....

  8. There they are!!!! You lucky bum!!! I love them! Keep them safe from all the predators out there. I turned the news on for the first time and realized that the entire US is like we are....well not even....we're cooler!!!! How is that possible??!!! And we have rain scheduled all next week. So in honor of the heat, I stayed indoors today and cleaned my house. Another interesting thing is that our plants are adapted to this heat and can handle a lack of watering for several on the other hand!!! Oh I feel so bad for you....but you're are on the right track....soaker hoses are wonderful. Just keep using them. I do my work at night or early morning to avoid the sun. Have fun with your family and enjoy those owls....I am a tad envious:) They are way awesome:)

  9. Oh, they are absolutely adorable!! Fun to be able to move them all about!

  10. Hi There, It's very very hot here also (record highs the past couple of days)--and our yard is suffering. We are watering the flowers --but the grass is BROWN.... We desperately need rain.

    Have a great 4th --and enjoy your family.

  11. I think we may be the only part of the country not having hot and dry weather, instead it's cool and damp. I hope you get a little rain to help your garden. Watering all the time can get old.
    I love those cute owls! How fun!

  12. Oh it is soooo hot around here too. And we are having terrible storms pop up, like last, love the owls.

  13. Congratulations on winning this giveaway--I think it's fun, too, that you move them around. The heat is terrible here, too; I know of at least one local town that has cancelled the fireworks due to the dry conditions, but the biggest show is still on, I think. Enjoy the 4th!

  14. It's so fun to see the owls in all the different spots as you try them out! They look like they'll be a nice diversion from the beastly weather that we're dealing with these days. Enjoy your holiday!

  15. So glad to hear that you liked the Solar Owls you won in our giveaway on Tina's blog. We just love them too - they're so fun! Thank you for posting pics - it's great to be able to see where they are hanging around these days.

  16. The dry heat is taking over here in Georgia as well. Making the bugs move in and destroy what the heat didn't claim.

    I adore your owls...I am going to go and check them out. What fun moving them around.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  17. They are cute. I smiled when I saw the eyes light up. Nice win. Many conifers are getting burnt here too ad we don't have the heat as in other places. Little rain and 90° has done in many trees and shrubs this year so far.

  18. I'm melting. I'm melting. I'm melting. (Think of wicked witch of the west voice in wizard of oz movie). Yeah, it's been extremely hot here in eastern Nebraska too. I'd still rather deal with heat then floods, fires, or tree felling wind. I have let my lawn grow long to allow it to survive the hot temperatures. It looks a little raggy now but at least I won't have to water too much during the hot days.

    Have the best day that you can in the garden.

  19. What a great win! I love the owls, they're perfect. I remember when I found you a couple of years ago, not too long after Tina found you. I haven't been leaving comments as much this year...but I haven't forgotten you;-) Sorry you're having such horribly dry weather. It's hot here too...100 on average the last week or so and expected for a while yet. We've had a bit of rain on and off though so we aren't as dry as much of the midwest. Hope you had a good fourth!

  20. July 4 was Carrel's birthday I cooked him his favorite breakfast Biscuits, white gravy, sausage, eggs and we tried our new figs and they were good. Carrel washes the dishes but for birthday no dishes no working in the yard. I had almost forgotten how to wash dishes, after raising 6 kids, don,t think so. Thanks for reading my last blog. You are very kind.


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