Friday, July 27, 2012

Tomatoes On Pause

The high temperatures are keeping the tomatoes from producing.  Our local extension agent is constantly telling people that tomatoes just don't do well in the heat we've been experiencing.  I can deal with the zucchini dying, but I really would like to have some tomatoes.

Last Wednesday, we got sprinkles.  The front gave us cooler temperatures for a day, but not real moisture.  As you can see in the video below, I'm watering while I'm recording.


  1. Hope those 'mater sandwich' ripen before they cook!
    Makes you wonder what happened to the one--sure looks sickly. Perhaps you should remove it in case it's diseased?

  2. Our farmer's have been approved aid so I'm not surprised that anybody has really great veggie growth.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. It's not been a great year for tomatoes here either. I think in the south we just kind of know that when night time temps stay above 75 we can forget about tomatoes until things cool down a bit. There is still hope!

  4. I enjoyed the tour of your different tomato varieties. Hope you get some relief soon.
    We had a very dry and hot week in GA, also.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. Luckily we took a chance and put our tomatoes in early. (Greg actually put a couple in around mid-March!) They've been producing for a month now, although they are almost done, as no new ones (of course) are setting in this heat. New weather patterns appear to call for new gardening patterns, I guess. I'm leaving the plants in, hoping for rain and cooler temperatures some day.

  6. So sad. How frustrating! Tomatoes are best when they are served straight out of the garden. Keep taking records. This has helped me find stronger and hardier plants for our area. There are other tomatoes that may flourish although you may have to wait another season to try them out. For now I hope that end tomato plant gives you the tomato fix you need. I love that you have cherry tomatoes. The other tomato plant looks like toast. Good luck and thanks for the updates!

  7. My tomatoes have been producing great tomatoes but the area in my new garden (Terra Nova Gardens) that I planted them has good morning sun, shade from about noon to 2pm, more sun from 2pm to 4pm, then the sun goes down behind a big hill which gives the plants a break from the extreme heat in the afternoon. That and the 100 gallons of water every other day seems to have made the garden a big producer. I am very fortunate this year with the new garden and even the backyard garden has been producing tomatoes for about three weeks. They get watered ever other day as well with the automatic gravity feed rain water catch system. I will have to put water in the big tank as it's just about empty. I sure would like to see some rain but the forecast isn't too promising for the next 10 days. We are getting a little relief with the temperatures if you call middle nineties a relief.

    The sweet corn is done. After a few ears harvested the raccoons moved in and stripped the patch clean. Now I'll leave the stalks for decorations in October. The pumpkins are drying up which is a little early but they are either orange or in the process. Three watermelons are looking good. One Zucchini I planted July 2nd is really looking good. I won't get any Zuchinni for another month but I believe that the article I read about planting late to beat the vine borer has worked. The bell peppers are just now coming to life and setting on peppers. Compared to the stories I have read on the blogs my garden is doing great.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  8. Surely, SURELY it will cool down soon?? Hope you get to eat one of those mater sandwich guys soon!!

  9. We had the same problem with tomatoes last year. The flower can't set proper fruit in extreme heat. Ripening tomatoes also tasted really bad when exposed to extreme heat.


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