Friday, August 10, 2012

Beautiful Green Bean Plants

I've been trying to grow green beans for the last two summers.  In 2011, the spider mites and the heat did them in.  In 2012. the spider mites and the heat did them in.  Seeing a pattern?

On a recommended planting schedule for our area, I read a note to do a second planting of green beans in mid July.  Really?  Mid-July?  When it is almost always near 100 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees in 2012), and can be dry unless we get a thunderstorm (very dry in 2012.)   I had more seed so I gave it a try.  I have watered this area everyday since putting in the seeds.  Look at the beautiful green bean plants.

A hot spell caused some burn on the earlier leaves, but all have been good lately.

No blooms yet, so no green beans yet; but also no spider mites yet.  I'm optimistic about a green bean crop.  If this works, I'll just wait to plant green beans in July and forget about the "first sowing" in the spring.


  1. I hope this sowing gives you a good crop.

  2. Glad you had success so far with your second sowing. Hope you get a good crop of green beans.


  3. The bean plants looks great! I sure hope you have success! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. They look great. I hope it works. Good luck:)

  5. Nothing beats fresh green beans. .I hope the cooperate with you!! Monday after we got home, I sowed a flat of tomatoes, peppers, green onions, chives, squash, and some greenhouse cukes. .So far, things are germinating well. .Maybe I'll have some crops this winter instead!!

    1. Winter gardening may be the thing. Nice that you have the greenhouse!


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