Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flowering To Frost

As I continue my plant rescue mission, I thought I should document a few more containers which will stay outside completely until it frosts.  Each of these is loving the heat and doing well.

This peach rose moss is great.  It gets watered about every other day.

These hanging baskets of spider plant and vinca (ok, not much vinca, see only a couple of tiny blooms) get watered everyday and have filled in beautifully.

I have two containers of purple fountain grass in the back garden.

The smaller one has been moved around a bit and is currently on the patio.  It gets watered about every other day because it gets some shade.

The larger one gets watered every day.


  1. They sure look like they are doing great in their pots. Very pretty!

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love the fountain grass and the peach moss rose is so sweet! Enjoy your day.

  3. Love the care free nature of moss rose. I've let them sprout up wild all over the vegetable garden and you wouldn't believe the crazy colors that appear. And no matter how hot and dry-they just keep blooming their fool heads off-LOL!

  4. Love the last photo of the grass plumes. My vinca loves sun and a little water where the spider plants love more shade. Funny to me how you have these two growing together.

  5. Your Moss Rose looks so healthy and beautiful. The Japanese Beetles loved mind a little too much. I ended up tossing them....along with the bugs.

  6. Nice fountain grass with those plumes!

  7. These plants WILL thrive in the heat! Excellent plants for the Tucson gardner. Surprisingly enough, spider plants are tough if the soil is right. I had so many of them over the years that I just plant them everywhere around our property and they grow!!! When I look at them I think how is that possible....and yet....Spider plants are a most welcome weed around El Presidio:)

  8. What would we do without our container plants? They are a nuisance on the days we just dont feel like watering (or cant!) but they add so much to the overall garden!

    1. So true. Right now, they are the stars of the garden!


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