Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Green Beans

Remember when I shared my healthy green bean plants which I planted in July?
I am harvesting green beans!  I think I'll wait to plant green beans in July every year.


  1. Sometimes we have to go against what we've always done. Glad this worked out for you. Happy picking!

  2. Every season is different. In Iowa they have to be planted early or the heat will prevent them from producing. Yours will taste very good.

  3. Good for you; the beans will be delicious. You know our dachshund would love to eat your green beans!!!

  4. In South Arkansas the green beans have come and gone. Sure would love to have some good tender beans. I did cook some and put them in the freezer, that is the only way I like them, except fresh picked.

  5. Congratulations!!!! That's gotta be exciting. I know you've been waiting for some miracles:) Hmmm....fresh beans and butter steamed. Yum!

  6. It's always nice to be able to grow your own vegetables. Maybe you can do 2 crops of these?

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Cool! My pole beans are finally forming some beans now that we had some relief from the heat. It's hot again this week, but I hope they will be OK, since the days are shorter.

  8. Glad things are really turning around for you in Kansas... Hope things continue to get better and better. I'm sure it has been a rough summer for you this year...

    Have a great weekend.


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