Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Containers

Thank goodness for the container plantings to keep a little life out in the garden.  All of these will stay out until frost or lack of water.

yellow pursalane and white angelonia
The angelonia is awesome.  This is one plant.  My favorite greenhouse owner encouraged me to try it this year.  Next year, I will get many more!  The pursalane is a great fill in and does get small blooms, but they aren't showy.

green sweet potato vine and dichondra silver falls

yellow pursalane, jacob's coat and purple and white verbena

purple sweet potato vine

yellow pursalane and dichondra silver falls

green sweet potato vine and begonia
There was an elephant ears bulb in here too but it never resprouted.  I tried saving it from last year with no luck.

asparagus fern and yellow wave petunia
The wave petunia plants are nice but the asparagus fern is awesome.  I'm taking this photo from out in the garden looking back onto the patio so you can see how thick it has grown.  The asparagus fern plants will be dug out of here and overwintered in the house.  The heat is not bothering them at all.

variegated sweet potato vine


Many of the above plants are easy to start with cuttings.  I have a little collection already gathered and rooting.  I'll maintain these or start new ones eventually bringing them inside to overwinter hopefully.


  1. Nice containers. My begonias are doing well -- This is the year to remember what did well -- if they did well with this heat think of how much better they'd do in a normal summer! Sigh -- off to water -- AGAIN!

  2. Have you thought about cutting off a bunch of starts of the Angelonia to see if you can get them to root for you now? I'd go ahead and do that and you'll have what you want next year. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I'm so glad you mentioned Angelonia. I've looked at it 2 years in a row at the nursery, but never pick it up because I think that something so pretty would be, well, fussy. I'm putting this on my list too. Thanks!

  4. I overwintered some sweet potato cuttings last year, and they have really done well this summer!! That's on my to-do list this fall again. .get cuttings!

  5. My mom in law used to keep asparagus fern in her house and it thrived. I brought it in last year and had quite a mess, with the little needles falling all the time. I may put them in the heated basement this year, in front of the big windows. I have two pots with pink begonias and asparagus ferns. You have just convinced me to bring them in...have you ever saved begonias in the house?I found that the J. Beetle doesn't like begonias...another choice for next year.
    Have a nice day...Balisha

    1. I haven't tried begonias before but am taking cuttings this year. I have some fancy leaf begonias that do well as a house plant. I hope my blooming ones will too. Asparagus ferns do lose needles in the house. I've vacuumed the actual plants before to collect the loose ones while cleaning up the dropped needles.

  6. Your containers are looking wonderful despite the heat wave. You know this is the first year I have planted Angelonia and I have just loved it this summer. It will be included in my containers from now on. I will have to find some white next year. Yours is so pretty and I love white blooms in the garden. Have a great week.

  7. Very nice pictures today. I photographed purslane at the garden center over the weekend. I wish you much success with all your plants.

  8. Hi There, I'm impressed --considering your weather (drought and heat) that your plants are doing as well as they are doing... Love the Angelonia... You definitely need to get more of that next year... Gorgeous...

    Proud of you --and your hard work.

  9. Nice work with the potted plants. I have to admit that I am good with certain ones while others just die on me all the time!!! You serve these plants well:) Asparagus is one I don't kill:) And the Potato Vine is always reliable:)

  10. I'm glad your container plants are thriving so well in spite of the horrific weather of this summer. I hope the plants you hope to over-winter do as well.


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