Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Am Ready For Autumn

I am ready for rain.
Real earth soaking rain.
The rain barrels have dust in the bottom of them.  OK.  The first one is half full because we got .05" this morning.  The other two are dry.
The parts of the garden not watered have cracks in the soil.
The list of shrubs I'm concerned about keeps growing:  arborvitae, dwarf Alberta spruce, red twig dogwood, forsythia, burning bush, euonymus.   As I drive through town, I see dead shrubs.  Some people have taken to trying to put up canopies to shade some of their shrubs.  Too much sunshine.  On the flip side, the lilacs, sumac and spirea seem to be doing fine.
The list of perennials I'm concerned about is longer.  Although, I was surprised to find new green sprouts on the clematis.  It is still alive!
So far, our tress seem to be good.  Established root systems help.
I keep letting plants go in the vegetable garden because there isn't enough time left for them to produce.  Amazingly, the green beans I planted in July look good.
While I have no weeds to pull, I have had my fill of watering the garden.
Our city is monitoring our well levels closely.  Everyone is wondering how long before we have to take more steps to save water.
I am ready for rain.

I am ready for cooler weather.
I have lost track of how many days we've been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
I have lost track of how many days we've broken the record for the high temperature.
I keep reading 80 degrees on the bank thermometers as I drive to work in the dark at 5:30 in the morning.
A person can barely touch anything inside a car that has been sitting out in the heat and the sun, or walk barefoot on the sidewalk.
The air conditioner runs a lot.
I am ready for cooler weather.

I am ready for autumn.
I know it will mean more brown in the garden as the little bit of green we have leaves for the season.  I'm not expecting a spectacular color show on the trees this year.  The leaves are too stressed.  Brown is the "in" color.
I want to sleep with the windows open, awake to a cool crisp morning and think the sun feels good in the middle of the day instead of thinking if feels like a roasting oven.
I am ready for autumn.
What happens in autumn?
I bring in plants to overwinter.

One very hot record breaking afternoon with no clouds and not a drop of rain in the forecast, I cleaned the end of our family room where plants live during the winter.
The plant stand is clean, the lights are functioning, the saucers are ready to hold the containers.
I don't care what the calendar says.  I am ready for autumn.

There are some plants that need rescued from this summer.  I will be bringing them in soon.


  1. It's really stressful living with that unrelenting heat. I feel so bad for you guys out that way. I wish you the best of luck with your landscaping. It's hard to lose shrubs and trees-they take so long to grow.
    Keep hanging in there---it will get better.
    Personally, I'd bring as many plants inside now.
    Good luck!

  2. I wish Autumn was already here. My new green is brown. :) It's nice to have so much ready at your place though. I am major changing my gardens in Sept when it cools down a little. Cutting back beds. Oh well time comes for changes.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I have on the evening news and they are talking about the terrible drought. I don't ever remember a summer this hot in my 54 years! You have a great place to overwinter your plants. I'm with you....I am dreaming of Autumn and being able to open the windows.

  4. I was just thinking about the plants that will come in this year. I'm so tired of this heat....I'll bet that they are too.

  5. Me, too. I am worried about big trees! Lots of leaves falling so it seems like fall already as the yard and patio are filled with leaves. But the weeds are growing! But it's too hot to go out and pull them!

  6. Hi There, It has been a rough summer for so many... I remember last year when Texas had that horrible drought. NOW--it's in your area...

    We have had a drought too and some very hot weather---but nothing like you all have had.. SO--I don't need to complain. Actually, we did have a little (1/2 inch) rain today... First time in over 2 weeks... SO---I'm happy...

    BUT--I'll be glad when Fall gets here also...


  7. did you ever think you would say it?
    I am singing the same blues....
    the only thing thriving are the weeds like chicory and queen anne's lace
    dreadful garden year.....

  8. Yeah, I'm ready for some rain as well. This is day 43 without rain. Between the water bill and the electric bill, there will be no extra money this month. Even though my garden has been producing well, it's been a lot of work to get it watered with enough water to stay alive. The greatest salvation for my garden is that it's shaded from Noon to 2pm, then get about three more hours of sunshine then gets shaded again as the sun goes behind a big bank. Our chances for rain always break and go north or south just before reaching my area. It will be nice to have fall arrive. The leaves from my Sycamore tree are already starting to fall. The plants like the people are just trying to find a way to survive this hot dry summer. It will certainly be one to talk about for many years to come.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  9. I haven't felt ready for fall until the last couple of days. The rabbits ate down my nice tall pepper plants that were finally starting to bloom. I should have been watering the area where the clover was so they wouldn't be so hungry.

    Yes, we do need to have some rain in order to fill the barrels again. I still have a little in the back one from the last time we had enough rain to put some there.


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