Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Water Source

Our city officials are saying we 'might' go to a water 'watch' phase soon which would mean no tolerance for wasting water or watering between noon and 7 pm, and asking everyone to conserve more than they already are.  After that, the next phase would be a water 'warning' which would mean no outside watering. We are not there yet, but we haven't gotten any significant rain and it is still as hot as ever most days.

Have you ever had a good idea while taking a shower?

I realized that I could simply close the drain on our tub while I took a shower and hold that water to use in the garden each day.  Don't worry, I have a good bath mat to stand on so I won't slip.  Simply closing the shower curtain keeps it hidden from curious guests.  Besides, if they see the water in there and ask about it, I'll gladly let them in on my new water source.

A small plastic bucket makes it easy to fill the larger bucket that I use to carry the water outside without dipping the larger bucket into the tub and getting it really wet to drip everywhere.  Plus, I can actually fill the larger bucket this way.  Less trips in and out of the house.  It's a mini work out as well with some weight training.  As a bonus, the water from days after taking a bubble bath smells really nice while I'm pouring it.

Some friends of ours in a neighboring town which has restricted its residents to watering only one day a week are keeping a five gallon bucket in their shower.  They have a number of children and it fills each day.  They use that water to keep their vegetable plants going between the weekly waterings.  We haven't put a bucket in my wonderful husband's shower...yet.

Gardeners can be very resourceful.


  1. When we were still actively gardening, we did the same thing with bath water! Hope you have a restful evening and a blessed Sunday.

  2. Been thinking about the same thing. Great minds and all that. :) Finally got some rain today and I kept thinking about not having rain barrels but probably won't end up going to the expense of those and having someone out to redo the gutters.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. That's a great idea. Gray water is popular here in the desert. Golf courses, universities and city parks are all examples of who uses the water. I have several friends here who not only collect the rain in rain barrels BUT they also have their dishwashwer and shower run the water straight out into the garden. I wish I knew how that could work....but I don't think it will happen here. Good for that water and keep your plants alive.

  4. This is a great idea. We are also being 'encouraged' to limit watering in the yard.

  5. So, the soap doesn't bother the plants? My shower is not in a tub, but there is one in the tub on the first floor that I could clean out and use. I have always dumped any leftover water, tea, or coffee from each day out on plants. I never thought about the bath water. I am thinking I want to add another rain barrel to the two we have. It doesn't take a big rain to fill them up.

  6. What a great idea. I'm going to do the same now. I do save any water that I've cooked veggies or pasta in. Once it cools down, I use it for my plants inside and out both. I sure hope you get some water soon.

  7. What a great idea. I'm going to start doing the same now. I do save any water that I've used for veggies or pasta. Once cooled I use it for plants inside and out. I do hope you'll get rain soon.

  8. Excellent idea, and the soap will act as a mild insecticide as well. Good on you!

  9. Fantastic idea. .I am intrigued by the people that also use composting toilets. .The scary thing is that we are having to think outside of the box. .and even scarier is to think that this might be the course our gardening takes in the future. .because of the lack of moisture and high heat. .I'm not sure I am prepared for that!! Good luck with the watering!!


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