Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Bedroom Done, Two To Do

While the summer was too hot to want to be outside in the garden, my wonderful husband and I tackled a bedroom remodel inside the house.
We are slowly working our way through the house giving every surface some attention.  The bathrooms are done.  It is time for the bedrooms.

In April, we moved everything out of this bedroom and I took "before" photos.  It then took us a while to decide on things like the wall color, the door handles, the crown moulding, etc.  Throw in a busy May, a trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park, a hot summer which just made us tired and we finished in August!

The walls had a funky painting finish that we had a blast doing several years ago, but it didn't fit with the more 'upscale' finish we're wanting to give the house.  We're also adding crown molding throughout our home.  I sanded paint from previous sloppy paint jobs off the stained woodwork and fixed the finish on those surfaces.  We did not change the flooring.  Our plan is to have all the carpeted areas redone at the same time once we finish with the mess of demolition in some rooms, sanding, staining, painting, etc.

Here are the 'after' photos.

We had a contractor replace the bifold closet doors with French doors and trim them to finish the openings.  They have new brushed nickle handles which match the door to the room (we bought enough to do the WHOLE house and will change them out as we do each room).  The ceiling fan stayed the same, but we did paint the textured ceiling.  That was an experience as we sealed off everything that was not suppose to get painted and used a paint sprayer.  It goes fast.  You spend more time cleaning the sprayer out when you're done.  We also discovered it was difficult to spray in small spaces like inside the closet where we had a lot of drips form when we tried to prime the walls.  We decided to roll the color on the walls and leave spraying for the ceiling only.

Now to move everything back into this room including the assembled Christmas tree which has been living in our bedroom (not decorated, just the tree with lights under a sheet to keep the dust off).  We had a big white blob by our bed.  It was kind of spooky at first.
We'll do another extra bedroom before tackling our bedroom.  Don't hold your breath.  It may be awhile.  Thanks for checking out our 'before' and 'after' photos.


  1. I like it! The trim you've added really adds "class" to your room....nice, soothing color.

  2. Before and after photos are always neat to see. I love the shade of green you've chosen for new look and the French doors instead of the bi-folds is nice.

    Remodeling is hard, time consuming work, but well worth it in the end.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I like the new color and those doors as well.

  4. There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make us happy. Love the color!

  5. I love the afters, the soft sage green is great!

  6. I like the new color
    We are doing the same...but I'm not brave enough to show before or afters
    We did get new appliances this year..
    now to pick out new countertops
    its not good for the relationship though....
    reminds us how different we can be!
    have fun

  7. It looks like your room was sponge painted in the before pictures. The lighter color really brightens up the room. It looks so nice. I've always wondered how a sprayer would work. I'm afraid we would have paint dripping all over.So many times the closets are just left...Isn't it nice to have everything freshly painted? Enjoy!

  8. I love the room. The molding and new doors/hardware are gorgeous and the color is very calming.
    I guess it was rather funny to see the white blog in the night time shadows!!!!!

  9. There's nothing as satisfying as getting a room finished. Keep going while you have the impetus!

    1. That's what WH said. Once I load in this room, we're gonna load out the next room.

  10. Glad you all like the color. We've already decided to just do the next bed room the same green. It's restful and all linens will work in either room.

  11. I do love the color too. .it's much like the color in my bedroom. .which is definitely soothing as you already mentioned!! I especially love the look of those new french doors and handles. .A nice improvement over the bifolds!! On to the next project!!

  12. Nice color!!! Excellent choice! Looks like a great place to relax:)

  13. It's looking good! You have more ambition and skills than we do.

  14. Always fun to do inside decoration and room makeovers, it adds a sense of new and refreshing to a home.

  15. I like that softer color you are doing a very good job.


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