Friday, August 3, 2012

Plant Rescue #2 And Purple Fountain Grass

After bringing in the ice plant, I moved on to the geraniums.

I purchased one new geranium this spring.  The others were in these containers last winter.  They've barely grown.  When the containers were out in the sun, the plants almost fried in the heat.  I moved them all into some shade and they stopped blooming.

They are all tucked onto the top shelf of my plant stand inside now.

I cannot successfully overwinter purple fountain grass.  I've tried.
As long as it gets some water each day, it is looking good.  Unlike the brown lawn behind it.  This will stay outside until it frosts which may not be for a long, long time.
Our newspaper carried a story recently about how hot and dry July was and the local agency tracking all that information said our soil temperatures have even broken records.  Numbers like 109 and 112 degrees at two or four inches below the surface.  Seriously?  No wonder plants are dying.  The ground is cooking them.
I wonder if being in a container where all the soil gets soaked on a regular basis is better?


  1. Your fountain grass looks almost "show-offy"---waving in the breeze like Mr. Tough Guy. I cannot fathom soil temps like that. How awful.

  2. I think the purple fountain grass is so pretty. I was just watching the national evening news and the drought across the country is devastating.

  3. Soil temperatures that high are almost unbelievable. It's a miracle that anything is surviving.

  4. The purple fountain grass is really pretty. It doesn't winter over here either. I can't believe how hot the soil is! That is very very hot. Everything is looking a bit ragged this summer.

  5. We are having similar weather. I've struggled so with trying to grow tomatoes in containers.Watering sometimes twice a day. Now that they are ripening, deer are eating the ripe tomatoes... I thought...after all that work to keep them alive, but then thought of the animals and how the heat must be affecting them. They are probably having to look elsewhere for food. I guess I've grown them for the deer this year.

  6. With soil temps that high, I don't see how anything is surviving. I do hope you all get some relief soon.

    Your fountain grass is pretty.



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