Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rescue #1 And Flower Tower

As I mentioned in my last post, it is time to start rescuing some plants from this summer.

First on the list,the hanging baskets of ice plant.

I've been moving the baskets to different locations hoping the birds wouldn't find them, but it didn't work.  The birds have devoured all the leaves.  By now, the ice plants should be a beautiful cascade of succulent leaves with bright pink flowers.  Instead, I have stems.

I repoted the ice plants and found them a place by a family room window.  I had taken a couple of small cuttings from the ice plants a few weeks ago.  They were not discovered by the birds so they still have leaves.  I brought them in too.

On the flip side, the plants in the flower tower will not be overwintered.  The calibrachoa is struggling a little, but the purple hyacinth bean vine and vinca vine are doing well.  I'm hoping the purple hyacinth bean vine will make seeds which I can save for next year.


  1. Sorry the birds got to your ice plants.
    I love your flower tower. Hope you are able to save seeds.
    Have a relaxing evening and a good weekend.

  2. I didn't realize the birds would eat those plants. Odd.
    You have birds. I have deer.
    There's always something.........

  3. Yeah the birds are ruthless with my ice plants. The heat+birds has really put an end to them growing like big healthy bushes. I would imagine it's like a spurt of water once the thick leaf if punctured. You're not alone:)

  4. It's awful to see and hear of so much devastation in the gardens over there, what with the dryness and heat, and now bird damage. Not a good year by the looks of things. At least that lovely flower tower has survived!

  5. I notice the birds are really going after any dried seed head they can find. I think this year has left little for the birds and they are getting what they can find.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Hope your ice plants will bounce back and thrive.

  7. That ice plant is supposed to be such a good drought tolerant plant. It looks happy!


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