Friday, September 7, 2012

Flower Tower Crashed

The flower tower in front of the garage has been amazing this year.  Since it gets shade late in the day, it's been able to survive the extreme heat.

The purple hyacinth bean vine started making pods a couple of weeks ago.

Today, we got some much needed rain and some not needed wind.

When I came home from work I found the flower tower on its side.  Every pot was in pieces.

I had to actually break a couple of the pots even more to free them from the metal rod that runs through each drainage hole.

I stuffed all of the plants into a single pot.
Since the hyacinth bean vine had tangled itself together, I couldn't separate each planting without cutting a lot of vines.

I moved the pot to the back patio.
Hopefully, the plants will survive and the pods will mature giving me seeds for next year.

Next year, the flower tower may have a new look as I will need to purchase new pots!


  1. Oh, what a shame. Sorry about the wind-I hope you get your seeds you wanted.

  2. Oh how sad that is. It has been looking so nice when you've posted photos. With it being so straight up in height it just couldn't handle the wind.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. How sad! I thought perhaps you had a storm go through!

  4. What a shame. It reminds me of the circus acts where they balance plates as tall as they go before they fall.

  5. I'm sorry. I do hope you will get the seeds for next year.

  6. oh no
    We had a bit of a storm last night...and a few pots got knocked over too
    and the umbrella...which I left open
    oh..but it so welcomed...the rain
    have a great weekend

  7. I was mostly factual in my post but I should add that when I pulled into the driveway and saw the flower tower on the ground, I just sat their stunned. In all the years I've put up the tower and all the storms it has been through I figured it was safe.
    The bright side is I think the plants will survive their late season move and I get to buy new pots next year. Oh, the choices.

  8. my tipsy container has rebar through all the containers in the ground. so sorry yours took a tumble.

  9. So sorry about the plant catastrophe, but hopefully they'll make this transition. The cooler temperatures we're having should help.

    Glad you got the rain. We got some pretty vicious wind...and, once again, just enough rain to wet the dust. Gardening in sure a challenge these days....

  10. Every time I come here to visit, I'm inspired. We'll be having a screened in porch added on to the back of our home. Right off the dining room. I am so looking forward to not only having some plants on the porch where they can get some nice sun, but I'm looking forward to another planting area all around the porch. I love watching your plants grow. Both potted and in the ground. Beautiful and you have such a green thumb. I love it here.
    Cross’N My Stitches

  11. Ugh....I know what that feels like. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. I tie everything up now:)

  12. i thought of building one of those this year. I was so glad that I didn't with the very hot summer we just experienced. How sad that yours tipped over. I can imagine how you felt when you first saw it. Balisha

  13. OH. .rats!! I vote plastic pots for next year. .they do make some very vibrant colored ones. .Glad you got some rain!! We had about an inch in a couple of rains a week or so ago. .looking forward to some more this week!


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