Friday, September 21, 2012

Updated: Unusual Bird

Below is the original post.

It seems this bird is a nighthawk.  A quick search online and the info and photos sure do seem to match.  Thanks Gaia Gardener.
I read they are nocturnal.  No wonder it was so sleepy at 3 pm.  What a treat to see this bird up close.  I hope to see one flying some day.  It certainly felt safe in my garden.


Hello.  I'm still resettling after being gone for awhile.
Photos of our recent trip are still coming.

In the mean time, I captured these photos of a sleepy bird on our clothes line post Thursday afternoon.  I think it may be a juvenile, but a juvenile what?

It barely moved while I slooooowly walked around the garden to get its photo from each side and as straight on as possible.  If I kept quiet, it would close its eyes and sleep.

Do you have any idea about what it is?  I did not see it leave so I have no idea how it flies.


  1. Takes a bit to get settled back in. Very interesting bird, I'm curious to know too.

  2. I've seen this bird before. I am really stumped right now....but I'll be looking:) I just spent 25 minutes looking it up. This is going to drive me nuts.

  3. I'm not good on names of birds at all. I saw the weirdest big birds yesterday with lots of white walking around a shopping lot. Wish I would have had my camera.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I haven't a clue what kind of bird that is. Coming back from a trip is indeed stressful. Catching up on all the things that continued on while gone can be overwhelming. I hope you can get back into he swing of things quickly.

    Have a great back home day.

  5. This is a common nighthawk, I think. Part of the "goatsucker" group that includes whip-poor-wills. I've noticed a lot of them lately, presumably migrating south. Nice photos!

    1. Yes!!!!! That is what it's my high school's mascot!:) It was driving me nuts all morning. Thank you Gaia. Soooo....with that said, GoSS nice shots!!! It's not everyday you see these birds in plain sight:)

  6. Hope you are soon rested from your trip and settled back into your normal routine.

    His feathers made me think of a hawk, and an owl, but it certainly in NOT an owl. My guess is a hawk, but it's strictly a guess.

    Someone out there must know what it is. I look forward to hearing what it is.

    Those are great photos by the way.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. I thought whip-poor-will...but maybe it's a hawk. I'm back to whip-poor-will...

  8. ha ha glad you got Chris moving!

  9. Welcome back! Really really neat bird. I've never seen one before or even heard of it.

  10. Very interesting bird and how grand that you were able to capture the photos. I'm happy to learn what it is.

    Looking forward to your trip pictures.

  11. We call them Nightjar's over here, so I think the other's are right. What a weird looking thing it is too!


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