Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Long Weekend

Friday in the garden...
...picked up all the trash that blew in on Thursday.
...removed the fountain from the water garden to store for winter.
...watered all the patio containers.  Hope the ones on the north end recover from taking the wind full force.
...watered the lettuce, the kohlrabis and the garlic.
...killed another black widow spider behind the pumpkins on our front porch.

Saturday in the garden...
...collected 'Flame' and 'Princess' from the water garden to relocate to my parents' stock tank since winter is  coming.  We do not have sufficient space for them to live inside our home.  (Even though my mother suggested I let them have the bathtub.  Ha!)  They posed for a family portrait before leaving baby lionhead.

Sorry about all the dust on the water from our recent dust storm.  Sigh.  Baby will move into the house as soon as I can get his/her accommodations ready.

Here is Flame and Princess at their new home.  Some small hands were there to tell them goodbye.

...killed yet another black widow spider in the garage.  I squish them, then spray the area they came from in case there is a family of them living there.

Sunday in the garden...
...ran the soaker hoses in a couple more beds as I prepare to put the garden to 'sleep' for winter.
...enjoyed the beautiful warm autumn day!

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  1. Sounds like you are really 'battening down the hatches' ready for the winter. You are putting us to shame with talk of still watering some vegetables. Our allotment has been a disaster, both because of the weather, and our neglect.
    Black widow spiders?.......ugh! You must have to always have to keep a lookout so as not to get bitten eh?

  2. The fish posed perfectly. They are very pretty.

  3. Spiders, ack. We have huge female mouse spiders, did I tell you that before? Oh they are huge and brave, they don't care if you are sitting there - they will come sit down beside you.
    I love autumn days, beautiful warming sunshine without being hot! ha

  4. We've been seeing Black Widows here too. Never EVER have seen one at our house, though we've killed many at my moms and dads. We read an article at the beginning on summer on how they were moving into different areas and people would see an increase of them. eeeek.

  5. It sure was a beautiful weekend to be outside, working in the yard! Quite the change (thank goodness) from the Big Blow on Thursday.

  6. Oh black widows....they get into everything! My mother has to get her pond fish safe:) Their neighbor keeps them out all year, even during the winter!!! and they survive. That's amazing to me. If I tried to have fish here, I think our ferals would get them:) Hope you are well.


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