Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Digging In The Dirt

Today in the garden...

...ran the soaker hoses in the oval bed and the bed with the burgundy blanket flower.
...stored the owls for winter.
...removed several annual flowers that are done.
...found a black widow spider in the garage.  I sprayed the area, and I stepped on the one I found to make sure it was dead.  I don't take chances with black widows.  Eeeeek!  It was by the wheel barrel I needed to haul dirt from the space where I toss plant debris to compost.  I am topping my vegetable beds with good soil.
...topped the vegetable beds with good soil.

...planted garlic in one of the vegetable beds.  Some of the garlic I had saved for seed was a little soft.  Maybe it didn't get cured enough last summer before I stored it.  I raided the garlic I had put in the kitchen for cooking to add to the seed stash.
...stored the plant cages on top of the vegetable beds for winter.

...filled the hole I dug with plant debris to make more good soil.

...poured the bath water on the newly planted garlic, the lettuce, the kohlrabis and the containers.  We will cease saving bath water.  I have rain barrels to empty and we're going to get colder soon.


  1. What a busy day! I like your raised beds. We have one across the street, but I want to make more, and get them filled with city compost.

  2. Very responsible:) I can't believe your starting to winter everything. But it's good to stay on top of the workload:)

  3. You're way ahead of me... but I think the weather is supposed to "hold" for a little while, yet. Hope so. I have lots of putting away and cleaning to do! :-) Always so glad for your visits.

  4. Don't you just love a digging in dirt day. You got a lot done today1

  5. You've gotten a lot done. I'm a bit envious.
    I've only had one nice day to be out--it's nothing but rain rain rain (when we DON'T need it!). I have so much to do.

  6. You are very busy but know it feels nice to have so much done. Didn't realize you could plant garlic in the fall either.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. You are ahead of me on getting ready of the winter too!

  8. Your gardens are so neat compared to mine, I am truly a messy gardener. You are watering your plants the way my Grandma watered hers,she always washed dishes in a dishpan and rinsed in a second one - that water always was poured on her plants outside.


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