Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Huddling The Remaining Outside Containers

Today in the garden...

...used all the bath water on the the plumbago under the locust tree.

...gathered the containers which will stay outside until the plants go on their own with a frost or a freeze onto the patio.  They'll get a little protection there to help them last longer.  Used my handy dolly to move them.

...ran the soaker hose in front section 9 which is the bed along the driveway with the salvia.


  1. I like how you have a system for all of these plants. You're a master at organization.....I'm a get to it when I get to it:) But they are always watered:)

  2. Mine will have to really huddle this weekend as we are expecting a big drop in temperatures. Snow was even mentioned in the forecast.

  3. Oh now I know it is call handy dolly :).

  4. I huddled the containers too already. It is that time of year.

  5. I dont plan to bring in many plants this year. It is such a struggle keeping the cats at bay. But I say that each year and end up with many plants stragetically places high from paws reach...


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