Sunday, October 14, 2012

It Actually Rained

Sunday in the garden...
...enjoyed the container plants living on the patio especially the purple fountain grass in the breeze.

Saturday in the garden... rained!  A local rain reporter had .81" in his gauge.  I have put my gauge away for winter already, but still have the rain barrels collecting water.

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  1. We had about 3 inches -- a glorious Saturday of rain!

  2. Yeah for the rain! I love the purple fountain grass. HOpe you have a very nice week.

  3. Yeah for the rain! Such a nice thing for the garden and gardener!

  4. Very nice shot of the grass blowing. Rain:) Glad you had some:)

  5. I have my gauge put away also, but I know it's done nothing but rain rain rain. Good chance to get the fall cleaning INSIDE done.
    I'm glad you're finally getting some rain. Though it's too late for the gardens this year, it will give help to the trees and shrubs.
    Love the purple fountain grass.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I know some people got lots of rain. We get a very small amount. Hopefully this all makes a difference towards next year though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. It poured on us in OKC for several hours. .Jeremy said we got nothing but a little drizzle all weekend long. .and I think that was Friday night before I left!! Glad you had a nice one!!

  8. We had quite a bit last week, but we had a gloriously beautiful Chamber of Commerce type weekend. Though it was a tad warm on Sunday. This morning we had pink clouds in the sky, so I'm wondering if "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning" is in effect for today. It's clouding as I type.



  9. Well it's good some rain fell, I really wish we could send ours as once again we have too much. Hopefully you will have more soon.


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