Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Mums

Monday in the garden...
...ran the soaker hose in the area of the butterfly bush.
...planted crocus and tulip bulbs.
...moved baby lionhead goldfish into the house.
...cleaned out the water garden container.  Used the water on the flowers living in containers on the patio.  A little fish fertilizer should give them a nice kick for the end of the season.
...planted seeds for  poppy 'Lauren's Grape' in the front garden.
...carried a lot of buckets of water from the rain barrels to different plants as I start emptying the barrels for winter.
...photographed the mums currently blooming.  Not a big show this year.  I'm sure the heat and drought held back the plants.

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  1. Those mums are so pretty. We only get to put them in pots here:) I want to try and use them this winter. I think they like the cooler weather....well at least I know I do:)

  2. You have had a busy day! We noticed our roses have new growth and's been quite warm for the past week.

  3. Nice color on those mums. Mine are a bit blah this year. Still need to get some bulbs for planting - thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love mums -- they are such a nice bloom this time of the year!

  5. Beautiful Mums... Love the colors.. Isn't Autumn just wonderful? I love this time of year... It just makes me SMILE.

    Hope you have had a wonderful week.

  6. I think the mums are gorgeous--I really love the pinkish ones!

  7. The Mums are looking good. The weather may have been awful this year but it's been just right for Mums I think.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Your pink mums are gorgeous, I havent found that color around here.

    1. They are an unusual color and sometimes they look more orange.

  9. Did you pinch your mums back at all during the season? I love Lauren's Grape, can't wait for you to share those blooms next spring.

  10. I found the name of the color of the last mums photo: Dark Grenadine.

  11. I took some photos of my mums when it was getting dark out this evening. I haven't looked at them yet to see how they turned out. My newer ones did not get very big this year, but the ones that have been here awhile did pretty well. I like your orange-ish ones.

  12. Wow you have been busy. LOL! Your mums are beautiful!


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