Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TeePee Trellises Stored

Today in the garden...

...ran the soaker hose on the berm.
...poured the bath water on the lamb's ears.
...took down the teepee trellises and stored them by the fence.


  1. We stored most of our Yard Stuff in the garage this past weekend. It was fairly warm and we decided we better get it done.
    Have a good night.

  2. Hi There, Sounds like you are getting things ready for winter... I love Fall--but hate when the frost kills our flowers/plants.... Oh Well---we'll be excited again when spring comes...


  3. Those teepees sure do store nicely!

  4. I always hate this time of year -- putting the garden to bed. But then, also I'm doing a happy dance for not having to water all the time!

  5. It looks like you have been very busy! We also had a freeze Sunday night, and my annuals are pretty much brown now. I'm hoping for another good day today to get some fall clean-up done, too.

  6. Fall is such a sad time of year, because where I live winter is sooo long.


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