Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix

16 oz Nestle' Nesquik
12 oz powdered creamer
16 oz powdered sugar
5.9 oz instant pudding
16 oz powdered milk
8 oz baking cocoa

Choose flavored creamer if you wish and which ever Nesquik and/or pudding you like.

Combine all ingredients. Store in an air tight container. To prepare hot cocoa, dissolve two slightly heaping tablespoons in one cup of hot water.

I took a friend's hot cocoa recipe which included instant pudding and modified it to suit our tastes. I also made it easy to mix. Very little measuring is required. We enjoy it with marshmallows.

35 Servings

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  1. Thank you for sharing; this sounds delicious. Our temps have hovered right around 40 all day.

  2. This does sound delicious and I am grateful for the recipe. We are huddled indoors these freezing days and something hot to drink is important.


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