Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Unique Containers For GonSS

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my in-laws gave me some UNIQUE containers for the garden for Christmas.

My Christmas wish list included:  galvanized containers to grow plants in.
I added the disclaimer that it was alright if they were previously used and even fine if they had holes because I would drill holes for drainage if they didn't anyway.

I got  a lot of lovely, new, girly, fun stuff from them for Christmas.

And, I got some items they recovered from a cousin's farm metal scrap pile to use as garden containers.

We believe this is an old hog feeder.
I can plant trailing flowers in the top and plant something around the bottom.
Sorry for the view of my current compost pile in the back ground.  This is a real garden.

Neither of these have holes.  I'll need to drill holes in the bottom of the coffee pot (isn't it cute?)
I don't know what the other piece is from.  It's fairly shallow so it might work well for some succulents and I'll skip drainage holes for it as it's rather thick.  Don't want to try to drill through it.  I'll just tip it after watering so excess water can escape.

This (according to my wonderful husband) is HEAVY.  Obviously, it came off something much bigger.  It will make a great pedestal for a bird bath or container with plants.

This is a classic cream can with a rust patina and drainage already provided.

Oh, the fun of planning new container plantings and finding the perfect place for these treasures in the garden.

I've been told the cousin's farm metal scrap pile has more container possibilities.  Perhaps there will be a scavenger hunt there in the future (after winter, when it's warmer).

My in-laws (and the cousin whose farm they were from) had a ball looking for these pieces.


  1. I love all of these! What fun to have something unique to plan for in the spring. Keep us posted if you go on a treasure hunt for more!

  2. Love all the new containers. What a great idea to ask for them as Christmas gifts, and I think it's even neater that people really listened and got you what you wanted. I can hardly wait until the weather is warm enough here to get things going. My cherry tree outback really took advantage of the warmer weather we were having, and it's blooming! Silly tree.

  3. Oh my have such treasures!!These are EXACTLY the kind of things I use in my cottage garden. I have a milk can like the one you have and I paired it with a little milk stool. I LOVE the hog will look so great planted. I also LOVE the're so would look great with a plant or a birdbath on it...or you could make a little table. So many possibilities... I love to repurpose things! Today I found a couple of treasures myself. I'm making a BIG surprise with one of them in spring and will share on my post!! Have fun with your treasures!!

  4. Oh wow you got some great pieces. I love the feeder! I cannot wait to see what you do with them this spring.

  5. These are all fantastic!!! My favorite is the heavy piece with the wonderful patina. I can hardly wait to see what all you plant in these.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  6. I think your in-laws had fun with your Christmas wish list. You will have fun this spring.

  7. I'd keep the address of the farm a BIG secret if I were you! I like every single piece you show here. This IS my style. Unlike you though, I seldom get around to planting anything in them...

  8. You have certainly brought an old saying into reality. One man's junk is another woman's treasure. Well, I changed it a little but you have salvaged junk and turned it into treasure for sure. Those pieces just beg to be a part of a garden landscape. Apparently your relatives know you well and accept that your Christmas requests were the real and would be greatly appreciated.

    Enjoy planning all the possible planting uses for your treasures.

  9. Hi, You have some wonderful friends/relatives --taking good care of you... You will enjoy those old pots... Can't wait to see what you have growing in them soon...

    Hope you have had a nice weekend.

  10. I love all your containers. I enjoy using stuff like this in my garden too.

  11. Those will give such great variety to the containers you already have. .I wonder if that pedestal is an axel to a tractor or machine? I think the coffee pot would be great. .I recently read that you can make a self watering container out of lots of things. .it might be good to look into those little systems (and WH could totally do that himself) for that small pot. .so it doesn't dry out too fast! Enjoy!

  12. Awesome Christmas presents, you'll enjoy those in the garden for sure.


  13. I love that third piece. I can for sure see a lovely bowl on top for the birds to enjoy splashing in the water. Real gardens rock!

  14. I love the first one! I can just picture it filled with blooms.

  15. Oh goodness what a wonderful bunch of containers you now have. Can't wait to see how you use them.

  16. You must have some wonderful in-laws to find these treasures for your garden. I can hardly wait to see what you do with them and for you to show the plants will contain.

  17. Excellent art pieces. There's lots you could do with them....bird feeders.....bird seed for the ground feeders:)......pretty flowers or grasses. The possibilities are endless:)

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