Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shoveling Snow Followed By Hot Cocoa

After shoveling snow on New Year's Day, we enjoyed some hot cocoa.

I have a recipe for hot cocoa which I included one post back.  My wonderful husband and I never picked up the habits of drinking coffee or hot tea.  We love hot cocoa and mulled cider for the winter months.

Hot cocoa with marshmallows is the best.


  1. These winter scene cups are cute as can be!

    1. They were a gift and I always seem to get the girl with the red scarf and WH always seems to get the deer.

  2. I would have enjoyed this hot cocoa even if I didn't have to shovel snow. Actually, I would enjoy it more without the shoveling!

  3. Yum! Hot cocoa or mulled cider is just the trick with all that shoveling you all did. P.S. I LOVE to shovel snow!

  4. Lovely post, dear!

    Happy New Year!!!


  5. I love all cups and these are great ones to see too.

  6. Sounds good to warm up during the winter :).

  7. MMMM!! Some day soon I will have to share my recipe for cider that we LOVE in the winter. .I'm a little embarrassed to add that, even with all this snow we have enjoyed. .I haven't made it yet!! Sounds like the perfect New Year to me. .except you forgot to mention the fact that you watched the Rose Bowl Parade first. .you DID watch the Rose Bowl Parade, didn't you?? Hoping for some more moisture this weekend!


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