Friday, February 1, 2013

Hibernating Plants/Fish

Every year, I move plants from the garden indoors in hopes of keeping them alive for another growing season.  I always lose some.  As we start into February, here's the list of survivors:

2 aloe vera
1 amaryllis
1 baby's tears
1 dragon's blood stone crop
4 asparagus fern

1 cactus
Echeveria nodulosa
4 geraniums
3 ice plants
2 Jacob's coat cuttings
1 mother-in-law's tongue
1 rosemary
2 unknown succulent
1 wandering Jew

I've lost:
2 asparagus fern
1 begonia cutting
1 chives
1 coleus
1 creeping jenny
1 fern
5 geraniums
1 ice plant
3 persalane cuttings
4 sweet potato vine cuttings

I hope the osteospermum is resting and will return when I put it back out in the spring.  Don't know which category to put it into yet.

These plants live in the family room to get the most light.  Plus, I add some lamps.  Seed catalogs are starting to gather on the coffee table.

I also have the baby lionhead gold fish Flash and Princess had last summer in the water garden.  No name for this little fellow/gal yet.

Not doing much outdoors at this time.  We did receive about three inches of snow this week.  We'll take all the moisture we can get.


  1. Your house becomes a jungle:) I love it! The snow outside and plants inside. Not to say it would get cramped, but it reminds me of what my grandparents used to do at their own place. Smart way to go!

    1. The other half of the room has a collection of bedroom furniture and some boxes as we're preparing to start a remodel of another bedroom. It's quite crowded in there right now!

  2. Congrats on your survivor list...sorry about your "lost" list. Do you bring in all your fish or just the babies? It looks like you have a nice set-up for your plants!!

    1. The other two fish went to my parents' stock tank. They have a variety of gold fish in there. The tank is buried into the ground so it never freezes solid. There's always water at the bottom. I've see the other two fish in the tank since we took them there last fall. I just didn't have a place to keep them all in the house for winter.

  3. Looks like you are having good success. Glad you are getting some moisture finally.
    We had a tornado about 30 miles from here on Wed. Lots of rain and wind here but thankfully, no destruction.
    Have a very nice weekend.

  4. Yes, I bring in a lot of things too. You bring in more things than me. I brought in the science teacher's fish and took them back to school. You plants look good. I think the more that there are that they encourage humidity for each other.

  5. You have a lot still hanging in there. I just did not bring many in last fall. Looks like more snow for us this weekend.I am so ready for spring. LOL! Have a good weekend.

  6. Looks like you have really done well regardless of losing some... I don't have nearly as much inside as you... So far, I have lost my Impatiens --unless it comes back in the spring (which I doubt)... My begonias are all doing good as well as my hosta.. That's about it for me...

    Hope you are doing okay. We finally got a little snow last night --about 2 inches... Pretty --but very cold outside...

    Have a good weekend.

  7. Keep growing!

    As for the goldfish, all I can say is, "Too cute!"

  8. Quite a list of survivors you have there and I love their indoor growing space. Glad you got a little snow.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. Ah, I am so jealous that you got the snow! We received just a dusting...and only a misting from the rain the day before, which brought as much as 2" south and east of here. Sigh. It looks like this summer is as likely to be challenging as the last several summers have been. At least this year, though, I won't be having to plant much buffalo grass!

  10. I miss geraniums. Hope the other will be safe until spring comes.
    Gold is 'EMAS' in our language ;).

  11. My geraniums are doing well as are my fushia and coleus. Many of the plants you bring in are year-round house plants up here. I suppose I could put them outside during the summer but it's easier to remember to water them when they are indoors.

  12. We too missed that snow!! We noticed some little babies in the pond this weekend. .it seems like they just keep showing up!! Hope the rest of your plant saves last the rest of the winter!!


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