Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeds Arrived Today


  1. Oh Boy!! What kind did you get? I ordered mine ages ago and have them all written down; size, when to plant, how deep to plant etc. I want to be ready when the time comes which is April 15th here in middle TN. ;-)

    1. It is exciting to get the seeds! I have my edibles list in the pages to the right. I just got in the ones I didn't have seed for from last year. Melons, some lettuce, peas, parsley and green beans. Some cools season crops will go in starting mid March! Our last average frost is April 28. Nothing that likes it hot goes out before that date. And, sometimes, I still have to go out and cover them up in May if we get a freaky freeze. Sounds like you are ready to plant.

  2. Getting seeds is always exciting. May you have good sprouting and a fantastic harvest.


  3. Exciting times Sherlock! Spring is on it's way. The packets look very interesting.

  4. It is so fun to have packets of seeds ready to go for spring. I am going to start some tomato seeds inside in the next few weeks. It is old seed but I am certain it will grow.
    We have a seed exchange farm in Northern Iowa. They try to keep heirloom seeds available.

  5. AH----spring IS coming!!!! Now your fun begins--once you get rid of all of the snow.. ha


  6. Seeing lots of seed-related posts in my feed this week makes me think I probably should have ordered some by now.

  7. Oh exciting, mine should be here soon. Spring fever all the way!

  8. How exciting! Just like Christmas!


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