Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Purple Poppies Perhaps

I have an area in the front garden where I'm multiplying the daffodils for spring blooms around the tree and shrubs.

I tried to get chocolate flower to establish in the area for summer blooms.  However, despite claims that it would self seed easily even trying to gather the seeds and start them myself, it never spread past where I planted it.  If fact, I think the lone chocolate flower plant gave up last summer in the heat.  No sign of it yet.

I'm looking for something that will self seed easily for the area for the summer so these poppies sounded perfect and they're purple.  The front garden has purple, yellow and white blooms.

I cleared the mulch in an area and tossed out some of the seeds using this screen to protect the area from neighborhood cats and dust bathing birds.  Note the rocks to keep the screen from blowing away.

I see green sprouts.

I think I have poppy babies!

Bring on the purple poppies.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Bird At GonSS

We're enjoying a new bird at Garden on Sherlock Street.  This little guy/gal likes to scratch around in our back shrub border.  I tried using some online bird identification sites, but no luck figuring out what we have.

Do you know what bird this is?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Has Returned

The flower buds on the red bud trees look freeze dried.
The flower buds on the lilacs look like some are damaged but not all.

Here are some of the flowers buried in the snow yesterday.

I set my rain barrels back up as there is rain in the forecast Thursday night/Friday.
Temperatures are predicted above freezing after tonight.

Here's to spring............again!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Yellow Tulip

I have one of these yellow tulips blooming.

Tulipa sylvestris

We have rain/snow/sleet predicted for us tonight through Tuesday.
I thought I'd better get a photo of it before the next winter event.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Hyacinth

December 12

April 12

April 14

April 15

April 18

This gardener is inside enjoying the scent of this hyacinth.

Outside, winter has returned.
We've had snow, rain, sleet, wind and COLD.

The weekend is suppose to be warm.  Then, another cold snap forecast for next week.

Spring is paused here.
My plans to purchase bedding plants from my favorite greenhouse are on hold as well.

I hope you have spring in your garden!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice Inside Too

As the garden thaws out today, I turned my attention to the plants inside the house.
On a sunny window sill, containers of ice plant are doing well.

One ice plant has a bloom.

Last year, I purchased this echeveria nodulosa.  By the end of summer, it had bloomed and was giving up in the heat.  I saved a few of the leaves to try and start new plants.

file photo

Imagine my surprise to find a new plant today starting on the left in this photo.  The leaf on the right still looks fine.  Maybe it'll start a new plant too.

file photo

I took it out about a week ago as the leaves were coming out the top.  Here it is near a sunny window growing and growing.

The indoor plants will have to be happy where they are for a while longer.  While we're warming up, I still see a few nights with temperatures below freezing in next week's forecast.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Weird Weather Day

Started the day at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Have had lightening, thunder, wind, mist, rain, sleet, snow and hail.
Already below freezing.
Looking at a few cold, blustery days.

I'll come back out when spring returns.

We Interrupt The Collection Of Rain Water For Another Visit From Old Man Winter

It's been warm, windy, wet even at Garden on Sherlock Street.
I put up the rain barrels in anticipation of rain in our forecast.
We got just under .10" Sunday evening.
It filled the first rain barrel half way.

Then, I read the Tuesday night forecast.  Low of 22 Fahrenheit!
I don't want to take the chance that water in the hose of the rain barrel will freeze and break the spout or hose.  I drained all the water out of the rain barrel giving many plants a drink and tipped the barrel upside down to drain it as much as possible.

No collecting water until we stay above freezing.

I just hope the freeze doesn't hurt the flowering tree buds.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Now, Five Birdbaths

The year that I started this blog, I wrote a post about the four birdbaths in the garden.

I still have those four birdbaths.

This spring, I upgraded the pedestal for the patio birdbath and added a fifth birdbath.

This first birdbath is in the front garden right under our living room window.  It is a homemade birdbath from two used farm disc blades and a pipe.  (The base looks just like the top.)  Someone welded them together.  I got it free.  One of  the radio stations in town has a show where you can call in items to buy, sell, trade or giveaway.  Anyway, one day someone had a free birdbath listed.  It was "out front, just pick it up."  I got lucky.  It was still there when I drove by.  It just barely fit into my back seat.  I painted it black.  The top disc blade is rusting a bit though.

This birdbath was a Christmas present from my wonderful husband's late paternal grandmother.  I remember her every time I look at it.  It came in two pieces with an epoxy.  We stuck it together and sat it in the garden.  It's shallow which is great for many birds, but dries out easily on hot windy days.  It's cute and has a prominent place in the back yard.  That's a squirrel image on the front of the pedestal.  It seems to be holding up well.

This is the patio birdbath.  It's just a large plastic saucer with a brick in it.  I've used terra cotta containers and even the water garden tub upside down to sit it on, but this metal pile find from my in-laws for Christmas with my metal containers works great as a pedestal and was pressed into service.

Here's another plastic saucer with a chunk of concrete in it.  This is the corner of one of the raised vegetable beds.  See my garlic sprouts?

Here is the new birdbath.  Another plastic saucer with a chunk of concrete in it.  I put it at ground level so the doves who frequent our garden can get to it.  The other birds are enjoying it too.  I'm sure the neighborhood squirrel will find it. Maybe he already has, but I just haven't witnessed him at it yet.

The brick and chunks of concrete are to keep the plastic saucers from blowing away when the water gets low in our crazy winds.

How many birdbaths do you have in your garden?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Out Of Hiberation

Spring weather returned recently to Garden on Sherlock Street.

After the great daffodil dig Thursday,  I flipped the rain barrels upright and linked them together in hopes of gathering some rain water soon with a wet forecast for our area going into next week.

The rain gauge is also ready to start reporting rainfall.

Fingers crossed that we get out of this drought.

I also woke up the owls from their hibernation in the garage attic.  They're back at work watching over the garden day and night (the eyes are solar lights).

On Friday, I managed to plant onion sets, kohlrabi seeds and radish seeds.
I was not happy with the onion sets.  I checked all my usual sources for onion sets in town.  Two places had moldy sets.  Ewww.  The ones I purchased at stop number three have some that are kinda squishy.  No way will all of them sprout.  Sigh.  Next year, I will order onion sets with my other seeds.

Rain Gauge/Barrel Report For 2013

2013 04 04          set up rain barrels
2013 04 04          put out rain gauge
2013 04 08          0.10"     1/2 barrel
--drained rain barrel and turned it over so it won't collect water during predicted freezes
--brought in rain gauge
2013 04 24          set up rain barrels again
2013 04 24          put out rain gauge again
2013 05 01          0.12"     1/2 barrel
--drained rain barrel and turned it over so it won't collect water during predicted freezes
--brought in rain gauge
2013 05 03          set up rain barrels again
2013 05 03          put out rain gauge again
2013 05 07          0.12"     3/4 barrel
2013 05 08          0.62"     2 1/4 barrels
2013 05 09          0.60"     3 barrels FULL
2013 05 18          0.08"     3 barrels FULL
2013 05 19          0.05      3 barrels FULL
2013 06 01          0.45"     3 barrels FULL
2013 06 05          0.33"     3 barrels FULL
2013 06 08          0.05"     3 barrels FULL
2013 06 15          0.10"     2 3/4 barrels
2013 06 16          0.50"     3 barrels FULL
2013 06 17          1.15"      3 barrels FULL
2013 06 18          0.28"      3 barrels FULL
2013 06 25          0.05"      3 barrels FULL
2013 07 07          0.30"      2 1/2 barrels
2013 07 20          0.32"      2 1/2 barrels
2013 07 26          1.60"      3 barrels FULL
2013 07 28          2.50"      3 barrels FULL
2013 07 29          0.70"      3 barrels FULL
2013 07 31          0.10"      3 barrels FULL
2013 08 08          0.30"      3 barrels FULL
2013 08 13          0.08"      3 barrels FULL
2013 08 23          0.10"      2 3/4 barrels
2013 09 01          0.10"      2 1/2 barrels
2013 09 15          0.15       3 barrels FULL
2013 09 17          0.55"      3 barrels FULL
2013 09 28          0.80"      3 barrels FULL
--disconnected rain barrels from each other leaving just one to collect water    
2013 10 11          0.45"      1 barrel FULL
2013 10 14          0.15"      1 barrel FULL
2013 10 18          0.30"      1 barrel FULL
--rain barrels drained and turned over for winter
2013 10 30         0.05"
2013 11 04         brought in rain gauge

*each rain barrel can hold 75 gallons of water.
**I am continually using water from the rain barrels.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daffodil Digger

I dig daffodils.

The sunshiny blooms are such a welcome sight in an otherwise blah landscape.  They bloom before most plants even consider growing for the season.

Daffodils do well with little assistance.  I don't purposely water them or feed them.
Each year, the number of bulbs multiply.  Eventually, they get over crowded and stop producing blooms.

I used to think I had to wait until the leaves died back before I could dig up the bulbs to divide them.  This hardly ever happened because I would forget about them being over crowded once the leaves were gone and there would be other plants growing in the area by that time which I didn't want to disturb.

Last year, tina at In The Garden demonstrated that it was possible to move the bulbs when you can find the bulbs.  So, I gave it a try.  I greatly increased the number of daffodils in the front garden.

I have more crowded daffodils and more spaces that need daffodils.  So, let's get digging!

Other than trying to not cut any of the bulbs in half with the spade,  the process is pretty simple.
Dig.  Divide.  

Replant most of the bulbs somewhere else.

The area where I removed the most bulbs look a little rough, but all will be well.
Next year, I should have even more sunshiny blooms.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Tour 2013

Front Garden 


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden