Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daffodil Digger

I dig daffodils.

The sunshiny blooms are such a welcome sight in an otherwise blah landscape.  They bloom before most plants even consider growing for the season.

Daffodils do well with little assistance.  I don't purposely water them or feed them.
Each year, the number of bulbs multiply.  Eventually, they get over crowded and stop producing blooms.

I used to think I had to wait until the leaves died back before I could dig up the bulbs to divide them.  This hardly ever happened because I would forget about them being over crowded once the leaves were gone and there would be other plants growing in the area by that time which I didn't want to disturb.

Last year, tina at In The Garden demonstrated that it was possible to move the bulbs when you can find the bulbs.  So, I gave it a try.  I greatly increased the number of daffodils in the front garden.

I have more crowded daffodils and more spaces that need daffodils.  So, let's get digging!

Other than trying to not cut any of the bulbs in half with the spade,  the process is pretty simple.
Dig.  Divide.  

Replant most of the bulbs somewhere else.

The area where I removed the most bulbs look a little rough, but all will be well.
Next year, I should have even more sunshiny blooms.


  1. Hmmmm---that is interesting. Didn't know you could move them during their growth season. We have some that need to be divided also... You will have many more blooms next year.


  2. WOW! never thought that this plants can be moved during their growth. Great information shared.

  3. I love plants that multiply! Such cheerful blooms to welcome spring. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love your daffs and am glad you were able to divide them to move them around and fill up your gardens. They are such happy flowers and shout 'spring is here'.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. How wonderful to have new daffodils from the old. Mine are not that old yet, but when they finally need dividing, I'll take your advice and do it in spring.

  6. All of your Daffys look so cheery. They have to be one of the greatest plants since they spread AND you can divide them! Good going!!

  7. "A host of golden daffodils"...




  8. Your daffodils truly bring sunshine into your garden :-)! They look so cheerful and beautiful and their saturated yellow color is hard to beat. I also did not know that you can move them, when they still have leaves. Glad I learned something new!

  9. Love the daffodils I have these and hyacinths they are like sunshine. we have had 2days in a row of sunshine feels good.

  10. Good for you!! My dafs look AWESOME this year. .it's the second spring for most of them blooming in our gardens..they are sure sunshine-y and bright!! I have also noticed how much they multiplied from last year!! Everything is sure waking up here. .I can hardly wait for things to get busy!!

  11. Oh they are lovely and so cheerful after winter, it is still gray here so they are quite nice to see.

    It's good to see someone else say they move theirs at the "wrong" time, I've always moved them if I run into them but never knew if that was right to do.

  12. I am glad I have caught up with you. It took me two weeks to write my last blog, my computer decided to have little fits. I have just learned something from a young lady, glad I can still learn. I am glad to know I can dig up the daffodils before they die. They really are the cheeriest flower of spring. I love them. You are going to have a nice bed of them.


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