Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Yellow Tulip

I have one of these yellow tulips blooming.

Tulipa sylvestris

We have rain/snow/sleet predicted for us tonight through Tuesday.
I thought I'd better get a photo of it before the next winter event.


  1. Winter event? You need a spring celebration! Beautiful buttery tulip. :o)

  2. Beautiful. What a bright spot.
    We've had temps 20 degrees below normal all month. I'm beginning to wonder if we will EVER get a 60 degree day.....

  3. Did you bring it inside? Last spring was one of the prettiest ever -- this spring not so much -- too much warmth followed by too much cold . . . not good for blooming things -- but perhaps the moisture will allow us a pretty summer!

    I've got to check the forecast -- no snow or sleet for us -- I don't think!

    1. These don't do great as a cut flower. I brought some standard purple ones inside though. I think you're in the rain/t-storm section. Snow most likely along our highway.

  4. Well if you have to post a Tulip, that is sure a beauty to post. Sorry to hear you are getting even more snow. I can't believe the extreme difference in last Spring vs this one.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Very pretty and happy flower. Glad you were able to capture it for us all to enjoy before your next bout of winter weather.


  6. Beautiful, sunny and cheery!

  7. My goodness...when is spring going to come to your area!!?? I'm glad you were able to get a shot of this's just beautiful!

  8. Good luck with the weather! Hopefully all these cold fronts will began to hold off soon.

  9. Awesome Tulip.... It looked a little like a lily to me... Love it!!!!! We have had quite a few tulips blooming --but our lilies aren't anywhere near ready!!!!

    Sorry you have having more snow... I heard that some areas of your state are having horrible floods also... What a shame...


  10. Yes, I have been running out each day capturing anything that is in bloom, before the snow on Thursday. You tulip is wonderful.

  11. Oh, my gosh! More snow predicted! Poor little tulip. I hope spring comes to you soon!

  12. I've been amazed at how resilient the tulips have been. .They have been taking beating after beating from Mother Nature. .yet mine keep opening their little blooms up when the weather ends!! That is a bright and cheery bloom for sure. .Hope it bounces back!

  13. Yellow and pink are my favorite. Love your tulip. Got lost looking at all your pictures on Google. They are wonderful.


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