Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Interrupt The Collection Of Rain Water For Another Visit From Old Man Winter

It's been warm, windy, wet even at Garden on Sherlock Street.
I put up the rain barrels in anticipation of rain in our forecast.
We got just under .10" Sunday evening.
It filled the first rain barrel half way.

Then, I read the Tuesday night forecast.  Low of 22 Fahrenheit!
I don't want to take the chance that water in the hose of the rain barrel will freeze and break the spout or hose.  I drained all the water out of the rain barrel giving many plants a drink and tipped the barrel upside down to drain it as much as possible.

No collecting water until we stay above freezing.

I just hope the freeze doesn't hurt the flowering tree buds.


  1. Oh now, just when you thought spring was here to stay. I hope everything does ok for you.


  2. Oh dear. Sorry about having to dump the water.
    Hubby and I were just discussing setting up the troughs this morning. We opted to wait. Snow is in the forecast all week. It's been a very slow spring, hasn't it?

  3. 5:30 am 60 degrees
    2:30 pm 29 degrees


  4. need a break from that cold!! Hang in there! I am sending you some warm thoughts!

  5. Oh I hate to hear that. I thought it was over this year. Hope the plants and trees can bear it.

  6. What a change in temperature!

  7. You are distinctly colder than we are with this storm. Our predicted low tonight is 28 - 22 is a much different proposition. I'll be sending warm thoughts your way!

  8. I love that you use rain water. They must have come in hand last year during our droughtish, dry summer. Good thing to protect them against the freeze! Those systems can be expensive.


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