Monday, May 27, 2013


As the month of May comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the garden...

While we are still in a drought, as we are very behind our normal rainfall amount, we have received some nice moisture this spring.  The garden is getting greener everyday as more and more plants emerge.

I have lost some plants:  candytuft, creeping thyme, two hardy geraniums, creeping basket of gold, chocolate flower, some arbovitae, the dwarf Alberta spruces and maybe my hibiscus (it always arrives late so there is still hope.)  Wondering about my sumac.  Although, it was sprouting, I swear.  Maybe one of our late freezes threw it off.  There are a few green sprigs.

The late spring freezes robbed us of the flowers on many trees and shrubs.  Sigh.  However, the bachelor buttons and dame's rocket are making up for the lost blooms with an amazing show right now.  The daisies are starting to shine too.

Feeling like the garden is planted for the season.  The late freezes pushed all spring garden activities later and later; but as May ends, the vegetables are in, the containers are planted and positioned and the few new ornamentals I purchased (I said I wasn't going to get anything new I know) are nestled in.   I did choose drought tolerant plants--hardy ice plant and purple prairie clover).

Mulching is going pretty well.  I think the drought kept the mulch we put down last year from breaking down very much.  I only need to really mulch around new plantings, where I pulled or cut out dead plants and in a few windswept areas.

I am devising a watering plan in case summer goes like last year and our city limits our watering further or curtails outside watering all together like many communities around us have.  Our city council has already voted to ban fireworks this year.  My watering plan (if necessary) involves praying for rain, choreographing a rain dance, saving every bit of rainwater I can and collecting bath water and water we run simply to get the water hot to the faucet.  There is also a priority list which means some plants will have to join in the rain dance if they want any water.  Anything that can be a house plant will come back inside.  Hopefully, I won't need to do all of that.

Some tidbits of observation in no particular order...
My milkweed all came up in the last week.
The usually boring alley is currently filled with flowers!

We have attracted more bird species than ever before.
We have a few squirrels who do acrobatics from the trees to the bird feeders.
Skinks are being seen.
Every time I dig under the mulch in the established beds, I find great soil.  All that decomposing plant material has paid off.
We have a very cute bunny.
The lily of the valley which went crunchy last summer came up and bloomed a little!
Our established trees must have grown as they're giving us more shade.  Yea!
I repaired the soaker hose that I accidentally stuck the garden fork through this week.  :-p
We're about to have an explosion of larkspur.

At this time of year, my wonderful husband and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Our love grows every day.  I'm going to take a little gardening break while we spend this week together amazed that it has been 20 years.

Be well and happy gardening!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Surprise For The Gardener

When I planted the wave petunia in this container, I could have sworn there was a dried WHITE bloom on the plant.  Surprise, it's red.

Not my plan, but what a nice color.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Even More Rare Purple Bachelor Button

I posted about the rare pink bachelor button last weekend.  Imagine my surprise when I found this purple bachelor button in the garden.

In other garden news, the teepee trellises are up.
Planning to plant purple hyacinth bean vine seeds around them.
They are surrounded with bachelor button and sunflower plants currently.  Some of those will stay.

And, the vegetable garden got some straw mulch.
It's a mess in the photo, but I've tidied up since then.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Garden Containers

Here are the containers in the back garden.  Hope to update you on them showing how much they've grown.
I went with a lot of simple, single variety plantings this year.

New to the garden this year, a hog feeder found in a relative's iron pile and received as a Christmas present from my in laws.

purple angelonia and silver falls dichondra

Also got this old cream can from the same iron pile.

green sweet potato vine

Yes, these are trash cans.  They give good height to the patio containers and are too heavy to blow away in our winds.

asparagus fern and rose moss

This is an old water jug I found somewhere years ago.  Somehow, the dent on the left lip just 'makes' the look.

ice plant

A tub where I had gooseneck loosestrife planted last year.  It did not survive winter in the tub.

variegated sweet potato vine and wave petunias 

ice plant and rose moss

white wave petunia


When I have containers that 'match,' I tend to always plant them the same as with the two galvanized pails below.




The only two hanging baskets this year.


Just brought this container into the house last fall, let the caladium bulbs go to sleep and now have it back outside.  Hoping the bulbs resprout.  It worked last year!


The caladium container is next to the water garden tub.  The fountain is set up and working (just not in this photo) and we currently have one fish.  Miscellaneous plants I over wintered are around it.

These are the wavy edged containers I shared earlier this  year.  I just  knew they'd look cool stacked.

white bacopa
gold dust mecardonia and wandering jew cuttings
gold dust mecardonia and wandering jew cuttings
Now to let the containers do their thing and fill the areas with color and foliage.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Front Garden Containers

Just a few containers for the front garden this year.

purple fountain grass
purple sweet potato vine and white wave petunia
purple fountain grass
 This is replacing the flower tower.  The purple hyacinth bean vine seeds are the ones I soaked last week.  I planted them on Friday.  Hopefully, the vines will climb the bamboo stakes.

white wave petunia and purple hyacinth bean vine seeds

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cutie Bee

First, a note about our weather last night:  we were in a tornado warning, but only got some small hail at Garden on Sherlock Street.  The garden looks fine.  A little rain helped refill my rain barrels.  I passed the time in the basement visiting other garden blogs.  The air was weird yesterday as it always is before a big storm event.  Also, The Weather Channel brought their tornado tracker van to our town.  Love the weather channel people, but don't want to see them in my town.  :-)


After having to baby the hanging baskets at Garden on Sherlock Street to keep them alive in our wind, heat and drought the last few years, I decided to only have two hanging baskets this year.  They'll hang just off the patio in the back garden.  I'll share them in a later post.

So, what to do with the shepherd's hook in the front garden?

I found this cute bee lantern for one side.  It has a solar light inside that changes color through the night.

I still need something for the other side of the shepherd's hook.  Maybe a flag or windsock of some type?
I'll keep a look out for a cute decoration.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rare Pink Bachelor Button

One flower that performs well every year at Garden on Sherlock Street is the bachelor button.

I have to pull them out of places like the cracks in the sidewalks and the middle of mulch paths.
Sometimes, I have to pull them out so other plants can grow.

The swaths of blue bachelor buttons are really showing off right now.

If you look closely, you may find a rare pink bachelor button.

I like how it has two shades of pink.

So far this year, I've counted two pink bachelor buttons.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soaking Seeds

Tonight, I will soak some purple hyacinth bean vine seeds.
Tomorrow, I will plant them in one of the containers.

I find it interesting how the seeds have a little stripe of white.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Tour 2013

Front Garden


 Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden



Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally Warmer

Warm weather has arrived at Garden on Sherlock Street.  After an ultra busy weekend with family and friends, I snagged some time this afternoon to get into the garden.  I planted the remaining vegetable seeds I had planned and some annual flower seeds I had saved from last year.

I took photos for the May tour.  Look for those tomorrow.

Everything is growing like crazy!  Hoping to get a chance to pull some weeds soon.

Very few trees and shrubs bloomed this spring because of the constant freezes.  My lilacs have only a few blooms on each branch.  The red buds were just starting to bloom when they got iced.  The forsythia were pretty sparse and I think the bridal wreath spirea didn't even get to pretend it was going to bloom.  Everything else is later than normal, but starting to make buds.  Anxious for irises any day.

We have a bunny building a nest near our composting place.  We had to chase it away from digging a nest in the middle of the front lawn.  Silly rabbit!  This is a better place.  Maybe bunny photos in the future.

I'm in need of a serious greenhouse visit soon!!!!!
All of the containers are empty still.  

Happy gardening.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Sound Of Rain

Rain for the second night in a row.  Fingers crossed for full rain barrels by morning!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Another New To Us Bird

We are attracting a lot of different birds this year.

A pair of these are scratching through the mulch in our garden.  The feathers are very auburn.  The color in this photos doesn't show that as well as I'd hoped, but it did pose for me.

Any idea what bird this is? 

In other news, the rain barrels are back together and we wait again for warmer temperatures.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Snow. Just Cold.

We awoke this morning to rain but no snow.
Tonight is suppose to be the main freeze event.  27 degrees Fahrenheit.

I ventured out into the windy afternoon to snap some photos of this blue flax shared with me by Melanie at There's No Place Like Home.
Thanks Mel.  It doesn't seem to care that it's cold.