Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Garden Containers

Here are the containers in the back garden.  Hope to update you on them showing how much they've grown.
I went with a lot of simple, single variety plantings this year.

New to the garden this year, a hog feeder found in a relative's iron pile and received as a Christmas present from my in laws.

purple angelonia and silver falls dichondra

Also got this old cream can from the same iron pile.

green sweet potato vine

Yes, these are trash cans.  They give good height to the patio containers and are too heavy to blow away in our winds.

asparagus fern and rose moss

This is an old water jug I found somewhere years ago.  Somehow, the dent on the left lip just 'makes' the look.

ice plant

A tub where I had gooseneck loosestrife planted last year.  It did not survive winter in the tub.

variegated sweet potato vine and wave petunias 

ice plant and rose moss

white wave petunia


When I have containers that 'match,' I tend to always plant them the same as with the two galvanized pails below.




The only two hanging baskets this year.


Just brought this container into the house last fall, let the caladium bulbs go to sleep and now have it back outside.  Hoping the bulbs resprout.  It worked last year!


The caladium container is next to the water garden tub.  The fountain is set up and working (just not in this photo) and we currently have one fish.  Miscellaneous plants I over wintered are around it.

These are the wavy edged containers I shared earlier this  year.  I just  knew they'd look cool stacked.

white bacopa
gold dust mecardonia and wandering jew cuttings
gold dust mecardonia and wandering jew cuttings
Now to let the containers do their thing and fill the areas with color and foliage.


  1. I love them all! I love containers and have a slight obsession with old pails! ;)

  2. What a great idea for the caladium. .I would like to try that with dahlia bulbs. .must remember!! Also LOVE the wavy containers! Grant and I are going to try to stack 3 old galvanized tubs and do herbs in them. .Don't remember how many of them had bottoms. .that will make it interesting! Wish us luck :-)

  3. All of your containers look great and I can't wait to see them when all the plants start growing and flowering! I really like using old galvanized pails, cans, etc. To me they have a real "homey" feeling. I have a milk can just like yours and I think I'll put a sweet potato vine in it!

  4. Oh my, you have a NEAT collection of galvanized "junk"--excuse the term.

    I mailed off the lavender this morning--they said it will be there by the weekend.
    Take care

  5. The containers in your garden are as interesting as the things you plant in them. I especially like your hog feeder and cream can. I look forward to seeing the progress your plantings make in these containers.

  6. I have to say that I love the way you use pig feeders, trash cans and buckets etc. They all work wonderfully, and co-ordinate well. I prefer simple planting, often people try too hard and the end result just looks confused. Looking forward to seeing them when everything is grown on a bit. Have a good day.


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