Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cutie Bee

First, a note about our weather last night:  we were in a tornado warning, but only got some small hail at Garden on Sherlock Street.  The garden looks fine.  A little rain helped refill my rain barrels.  I passed the time in the basement visiting other garden blogs.  The air was weird yesterday as it always is before a big storm event.  Also, The Weather Channel brought their tornado tracker van to our town.  Love the weather channel people, but don't want to see them in my town.  :-)


After having to baby the hanging baskets at Garden on Sherlock Street to keep them alive in our wind, heat and drought the last few years, I decided to only have two hanging baskets this year.  They'll hang just off the patio in the back garden.  I'll share them in a later post.

So, what to do with the shepherd's hook in the front garden?

I found this cute bee lantern for one side.  It has a solar light inside that changes color through the night.

I still need something for the other side of the shepherd's hook.  Maybe a flag or windsock of some type?
I'll keep a look out for a cute decoration.


  1. Your bee is cute and I bet it looks really nice at night, like a giant firefly.

    Have a lovely day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. John told me about your weather. Glad everything is fine. I love the bee. That's very unique.

  3. Happy to hear the worst weather missed you. I like lights hanging from hooks. They are always cute.

  4. How about a windchime of some kind? We love windchimes --and have them all around our home.. I even have one made out of bamboo --which has a little birdhouse in the top... So cute!!!!

    Glad you didn't have a tornado. We are having HUGE thunderstorms here this morning with lots of rain/thunder/lightning... They just came out with a flood warning for our area... Fun Fun!!!! (We are fine here on the mountain though --but those in low-lying areas around the creeks may get some flooding.)

    Have a great week.

    1. Windchimes are an idea too. Hope you get a break from the rain.

  5. So glad you didn't get the worst weather. About a week ago we had a tornado warning. On the local channel they even showed our street and said (get into your safe spot!!) GREAT...we don't have a basement so we went into the hall wearing our bike helmets. Thank goodness we didn't get a tornado!! I really like your bee's so cute!

    1. Tornado warnings are scary. I know a lady who looked out of her window (she lives in the country) and saw the TIV (tornado intercept vehicle) turning around at the end of their driveway. She went straight to her basement. They drive the TIV into tornados. You don't want them to be by you!

  6. Love the bee--how sweet (haha--get it?)
    So glad the storm missed you.

    Many years ago, when I smoked, we were at a rest area in Nebraska while I had a cigarette. We saw 4 storm chasers zip by. Needless to say, we wondered just what we were missing!!

  7. I am so glad you're safe. We're having some storms tonight. Not sure what is going on.

    Love, love, love that cute bee!



  8. Good to hear your safe and the storm was easy on you.
    The bee is adorable! A friend recently gave me some of the sunlamps/lavalamps - they change color at night, so nice.

  9. I really like this bee. You'll have to do some serious searching to come up with something that will match the cuteness of this.

  10. PERFECT idea!! Love the little bee!! Glad no tornados for us. .sure feeling pain for those in Moore Oklahoma!!


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